Blade and Spider-Woman too similar to existing characters, Psylocke fell just short - Niitsuma on UMvC3 choices, including Cloak & Dagger and more

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • January 2, 2017 at 1:11 p.m. PST

Following up on his previous tweets, Niitsuma once again took to Twitter to explain their rationale for some of the choices that made the cut, and some that didn't, for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

I, EventHubs' very own Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor, took the time to translate them for your perusing pleasure, and you can check out the ones who did make the cut here.
Nova: Even in the vanilla version of MvC3, Marvel were pushing very hard for us to include him, and told us "he HAS to be in the next one".

Ghost Rider: Well, he really is very popular and famous. We also figured we'd just use his bike in one of his supers, which made him much easier to implement.

Dr. Strange: He was pushed very strongly from Marvel's side. We also thought he'd be fun to make, since there's a lot of moveset potential with "magic" as a base.

Rocket Raccoon: We were actually consideirng Squirrel Girl at the time, but when he was brought up it turned out we had way more raccoon fans than squirrel fans at the office, so we went with him.
Continue below to hear about some who did not end up making it into the game, and why.
Blade: There was just too much similarity with Dante...

Spider-Woman: Her flight and electrical powers felt a bit too similar to Trish...

Psylocke: She's very recognizable and has a good design, and it did occur to us that it'd be fun having her and Strider Hiryu go at it, but I guess she just ended up falling short compared to the others.

Spiral: She was in a previous title, but the 6 arms with swords and various magic attacks led to this actual quote from the development room: "This is way too much of a hassle, please, let's not".

Cloak & Dagger: They're visually interesting and sure leave an impact, and it's even more cool because they kind of feel like a Stand User and Stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! But, the backside of that is that with such an action-packed game, including assists, it'd get too hectic with them. And an actual quote was "The game won't be able to support 2 characters in 1 like this!"

Multiple Man: I told you, the game can't do it!!
Source: Ryota Niitsuma's Twitter.

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