Unsafe specials, decent (but not broken) damage and plenty of technical mix ups; here's what we learned from Kolin's WSO showcase

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 21, 2017 at 3:19 p.m. PST

We got to see another Kolin highlight today on the WSO live stream, and we think we've got a pretty good initial impression of the newest Street Fighter character.

Considering we haven't played her at all yet, and have only seen footage from two showcases, please preface any and all upcoming impressions with the phrase, "From what we've seen thus far, it appears as though..." as I'd rather not write it fifty times.

From our takeaways today, Kolin is mobile, reset heavy, not a zoner and very technical. She has a few techniques like her command dash and double jump that have various options housed within them. For example, she can access certain target combos only from her command dash:

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She requires a lot of thought, and her damage is decent... which, for SF5, is a breath of fresh air. She has a very obvious strength in her potential for mix ups once she scores a knock down, and her V-Trigger stun mechanic is very interesting.

According to commentators on the WSO stream, none of her special moves are safe on block. This means players will not have the leisure of tossing out Hail Mary attacks in hopes that they'll hit and lead into big damage sequences. Her V-Trigger cancel has quite a bit of recovery, and we see that a V-Reversal will often negate it:

Her unique projectile that rains down from above opponents' heads will most certainly make for some interesting mix ups after knock down, but she'll have to earn her way into said mix ups.

It's early, but it looks like Kolin will be pretty fun to play with and against. Her obvious strength is in her ability to rack up stun damage, which we imagine will lead to some very tense situations in tournament play.

Her risk/reward seems decently balanced from what we've seen, but if she were to join the game as it is right now I don't think she'd be all that strong against the higher tiers. Hopefully she is a testament to the direction Capcom is taking SF5 in their upcoming balance patch.

You'll catch the full archive over at Capcom Fighters.
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