Swamp Thing is a zoner/grappler hybrid with an interesting projectile, multiple command throws, and more in Injustice 2 - IGN shares impressions

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 16, 2017 at 5:03 p.m. PST

Swamp Thing is one of the most recent characters revealed as playable in Injustice 2. The announcement brought us a quick gameplay trailer, but we haven't heard much else about the towering, vegetative giant.

Luckily, IGN's own Vince Ingenito managed to get hands-on time with Injustice 2's new combatant.

In the write up, we learn that Swamp Thing has grappler-esque qualities, but mixes some zoning into his play-style. From a distance, he can use his Vine Grab command throw to scoop up unsuspecting opponents from as far as almost full-screen away.

On the zoning end of things, his Log Kick projectile can help pressure opponents into making the wrong move using its deceptive travel speed to bewilder foes. It starts out fast, but continues to slow down as it moves across the stage until it comes to a complete stop.

Swamp Thing even has a trick up his mossy sleeve for characters who want to sit back and throw projectiles. His Bio Fission special move creates a clone that appears behind the opponent and attacks.

Don't worry, this attack isn't another Supergirl teleport. Swamp Thing remains in place when using Bio Fission, but the meter burn version will cause a knock down and swap places with the double.

There's a lot more to Injustice 2's Swamp Thing, so be sure to head over to IGN to read more.

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