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Street Fighter 5 sees some new life as sales reach 1.5 million

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 1, 2017 at 7:51 p.m. PST • Comments: 172

It seems Street Fighter 5 sales have not tapered off yet, as a the game continues slowly but surely make its way into more and more people's hands.

After a rough launch, SF5 failed to hit its two million unit sales goal by the end of March 2016. In fact, the latest title from the mainstay fighting game franchise had only made it to 1.4 million copies sold by May of last year.

Matters became even bleaker as this statistic would remain unchanged through October of last year. This meant SF5 failed to sell 100k copies in the six month time span between May and October.

This led many to regard the game as done in terms of new sales, but it seems SF5 isn't quite finished yet.
A recent visit to Capcom's Investor Relations site shows us that the newest Street Fighter has finally ticked up to 1.5 million copies sold. Not only this, but it's also jumped up a peg on Capcom's game sales ladder.

You can see its current spot in the image below, as it's now sandwiched between two Capcom classics:

SF5 Sales Update image #1
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Perhaps the Season 2 DLC will prompt more people to purchase Street Fighter 5 over the course of 2017. Should Capcom continue their development with new game modes alongside the upcoming character additions, a "Grand Re-releasing" of sorts could potentially be in order. Such a move would likely capture the attention of at least a portion of the casual market.

Do you think SF5 will eventually be able to grow beyond 1.5 million sales? Let us know how optimistic or pessimistic you are in the comments.
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