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Goku Black, Beerus, and Hit join Dragon Ball FighterZ

New V-Jump scan makes the reveal

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 13, 2017 at 6:21 a.m. PST • Comments: 188

The latest V-Jump magazine scans have hit the internet. Goku Black, Beerus, and Hit have been announced as playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Each of these fighters hails from the Dragon Ball Super series. Beerus, the God of Destruction, is known as the second strongest warrior in Universe 7.

An assassin from Universe 6, Hit is a powerful being that is over 1,000-years-old. His Time Skip ability allows him to freeze time for one second (later increasing the amount of time by fighting Goku), which is how he is able to defeat opponents stronger than him.

Goku Black has the ability to reach Super Saiyan Rosé -- which explains the color of his hair. According to him, this form can only be achieved by Saiyans with "proper god status."

Zamasu (Goku Black's support character in Dragon Ball FighterZ) is an immortal being thanks to a wish granted to him. Goku Black and Zamasu are connected by having similar goals in the series.

Each of the V-Jump scans features several screenshots of the three new fighters in action. Also provided are details about how these characters fight, as well as their in-game stats.

To read full English translations of these scans, courtesy of our very own MajinTenshinhan, be sure to hit the jump.

Goku Black, Beerus, and Hit Dragon Ball FighterZ scan image #1 Goku Black, Beerus, and Hit Dragon Ball FighterZ scan image #2
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Goku Black

With Goku's physical strength and the power of a god, Goku Black joins the battle. He attacks by changing his hands into blades.

In his Meteor Super Attack, Work of God, he creates copies of himself, attacking with blades and finishes you off with a power strike. Such cruelty.

In one of his special attacks, Zamas assists him. When he's charing his Kamehameha, Zamas will come out and grab the opponent!!

Together with Zamas, he has a super move where they gather a huge energy ball and fire at their opponent.


Power: A
Speed: S
Reach: S
Technique: A
Energy: S

Ease of use: S


If he falls into a poor mood, you can't handle him?! With overwhelming power, the God of Destruction, Beerus joins the fight. His Meteor Super Attack, God of Destruction's Judgment, is activated by grabbing the opponent in front of him.

He attacks with a superior finger flick to opponent's foreheads! ... Wait, that was Goku Black he just sent flying?!

He can spawn orbs around him that explode if they touch the opponent. You can drop these orbs in positions to restrict your opponent!


Power: S
Speed: S
Reach: A
Technique: SS
Energy: SS
Ease of Use: S


He can stop time, and attack his opponent's weak spots with extreme speed by using his technique, "Time Jump"! He has several special moves that are quick enough that you won't even see them!

In his Meteor Super Attack, "I Will Continue My Growth", he stops time and attacks with strikes at extreme high speeds! Once time starts again, his opponent has no choice but to fall from the barrage of heavy attacks hitting them instantly.

He moves and attacks in an instant, and if you're prepared for your opponent, he has counter moves that you can master to really stop your opponent in their tracks.


Power: S
Speed: SS
Reach: A
Technique: S
Energy: C

Ease of Use: A

The scans note that there are still more characters to come, and also state that performing certain actions in battle will give players special scenes before or after the fight, called "Dramatic Enactment."

Contributions to this story made by Justin "AdaptiveTrigger" Gordon. Sent in by Neoxon and shinwar.

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