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Infiltration mercilessly trolls EliTheCurry behind a crystal ball while CoolKid93 dishes big damage for V-Reversals - Last Chance Qualifier highlights

Top tier talent all battling out for a single spot...

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 8, 2017 at 9:25 p.m. PST • Comments: 26

It's going to be a big weekend. One of the hypest tournaments of the year, Capcom Cup, will be played out.

Before we can actually begin, we need to know that final player will be. Previously, we only knew about 31 out of the 32 participating players.

The 32nd and final player was decided at a special Last Chance Qualifier tournament. Now this player will go up against the number one seeded player for Capcom Cup, PG|Punk.

This event's participating players included AW|Nemo, GRPT|Infiltration, CYG|PR Balrog, SB|Dieminion, Brian_F, BxA|CoolKid93, and many others. Note that these players were not able to qualify for the Capcom Cup on points alone.

As a result of just how stacked the Last Chance Qualifier event was, there were a number of spectacular moments. We've got highlights to showcase them.

Our first highlight has Kylep's Laura going up against Infiltration's Menat -- yes, he has a Menat. Infiltration ended up have some pretty sick sequences thanks to Menat's V-Trigger.

Click images for animated versions

Of course, Infiltration is able to bring the hype with Menat even without using her V-Trigger. Despite the fact that this round took over 40 seconds to end, Infiltration ended up scoring a perfect here:

Infiltration wasn't the only one scoring perfects though. Here's another one that Infused|Shakz was able to secure over NickNutella.

Chris Tatarian's rushdown with Ken was seemingly unstoppable while against Akainu's Guile.

DM|El Cubano Loco nabbed a perfect round against GRPT|Gilty's Menat. He was able to take advantage of Menat's defense weakness once he got momentum moving in his favor.

Don't try to use a V-Reversal against Abigail while he is using his V-Trigger. Especially if that player is CoolKid93.

Just look at all that life lost. Circa|LPN did manage to get a nice parry before he finally fell.

Infused|ImStillDaDaddy had a pretty tough fight ahead of him against AW|Nemo. He tried incorporating a couple of EX Flash Kicks in order to check Nemo's pressure.

Unfortunately, the gambles ended up not paying off for him. Things might've gone differently had he been successful in these two moments.

EliTheCurry needed a big comeback in order to beat Infiltration in this one particular round. It looked like he was going to be successful until Infiltration, surprisingly, did a reversal critical art after a reset attempt.

In the last round of the set, EliTheCurry's options were very few and Infiltration clearly knew this. With very little life remaining, approaching was nearly impossible based on the position of Menat's crystal ball.

Infiltration tried to goad him to meet his doom by teabagging and taunting. Eventually, it was Infiltration who approached...

The set between Dieminion and StormKubo featured Season 2 characters Ed and Abigail. A unique set of circumstances came up as a result.

Most people might've bet on Nemo taking the set against Jochy. While this did end up happening, Jochy put up a crazy fight.

This was an extremely back and forth series of wins and losses. Both players essentially threw everything at one another.

Eventually, Nemo decided to "let off the gas" a little and play a little more patiently. It ended up paying off.

Infiltration had to drill Dhalsim's limbs, use a critical art on reaction against an EX fireball, and slowly force his way in order to take the set against Commander Jesse. Very well played from both players.

Acqua had a large bag of tricks that went used against Dieminion.

Things could've gone either way in the set between XSK Samurai (Akuma) and StormKubo (Abigail). Both characters are known for having huge damage.

In the end StormKubo was able to take it.

Nemo set a deadly trap for Brian_F. After firing his fireball, Brian_F dodged it only to find himself inside of an Aegis Reflector combo. Ouch.

A very stylish combo that linked a headbutt, into a fireball, and then into a shoulder tackle. Fancy.

For Infiltration's final match against Shakz feature him pulling out his Juri (for the first time in the Last Chance Qualifers).

StormKubo came very close to advancing over Acquacqua despite initially being at a deficit in the set. Unfortunately for him, Acquacqua pulled out quite the comeback against him.

Infiltration's shimmy game is something to be respected when he has access to his critical art...

This critical art combo from Infiltration looked as though it was going to finish off Brian_F. Things did not turn out very well for Infiltration in this particular round...

In the end though, Infiltration played phenomenally and won.

This put Infiltration into the grand finals against the player that sent him into the losers bracket -- Nemo. Infiltration immediately went with Juri this time around.

Despite the loss in their first encounter during this event, Infiltration was able to secure the reset.

But... the final Capcom Cup spot ended up going to Nemo. We'll have to see how he fares against PG|Punk tomorrow.

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