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Capcom Cup 2017 results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • December 10, 2017 at 6:32 p.m. PST • Comments: 544

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The whole year has been leading up to this, and the event is finally upon us.

Capcom Cup 2017 is taking place this weekend in Anaheim, California, and it's stacked through the roof with all kinds of hype. The winner of Street Fighter 5 gets over $120,000 in prize money, so everyone is hungering for a taste of that action.

The event will kick off with the Last Chance Qualifier to grab the final Capcom Cup qualification spot, and we'll also be seeing the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Battle for the Stones finals at this event.

The players partaking in Capcom Cup will be PG|Punk, FOX|Tokido, YouDeal|Yukadon, GRPT|Haitani, Mouz|Problem X, CO|Dogura, GRPT|Fuudo, GGP|Kazunoko, RZR|Xian, RB|Bonchan, GFuel|Verloren, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, FOX|Justin Wong, ZW|OilKing, Gachikun, CYG|Daigo, F3|Brolynho, CO|Go1, CYG|Snake Eyez, Ponos|Moke, BX3|Phenom, Mago, Rise|Smug, Rise|MenaRD, NASR|Big Bird, FOX|Momochi, RB|Luffy, Allegiance|801 Strider, Scarz|Sako, AAG|DidimoKOF, EG|Ricki Ortiz and the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier.

As for Battle for the Stones, your player roster consists of EG|NYChrisG, FOX|Justin Wong, SPY|Filipino Champ, KaneBlueRiver, SPY|RyanLV, Flocker, Viscant, FORT|Cloud805, Rise|Richard Nguyen, GGP|Kazunoko, Alioune, Sacktap, Teemo, Brian Kasugano, F2G|Moise and Stealth.

Streaming for the event will be done at Capcom Fighters, Capcom Fighters 2 and Battle for the Stones.

Capcom Cup 2017 — Results

1. Rise|MenaRD (Birdie)
2. FOX|Tokido (Akuma)
3. AW|Nemo (Urien)
4. Ponos|Moke (Rashid)
5. YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki)
5. DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)
7. CYG|Daigo (Guile)
7. Mouz|Problem X (M. Bison, Birdie)

9. PG|Punk (Karin)
9. FOX|Momochi (Ken, Zeku, M. Bison)
9. RB|Luffy (R. Mika)
9. RB|Bonchan (Karin, Nash)
13. RZR|Xian (Ibuki)
13. Allegiance|801 Strider (Laura)
13. GRPT|Fuudo (R. Mika)
13. AAG|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim)

17. Mago (Karin)
17. CYG|Snake Eyez (Zangief)
17. FOX|Justin Wong (Karin)
17. Gachikun (Rashid)
17. CO|Go1 (Menat, Ibuki, Chun-Li)
17. Scarz|Sako (Akuma)
17. GGP|Kazunoko (Cammy)
17. CO|Dogura (Urien)

25. F3|Brolynho (Necalli, Abigail)
25. NASR|Big Bird (Ken, Rashid)
25. GRPT|Haitani (Necalli)
25. BX3|Phenom (Necalli)
25. EG|Ricki Ortiz (Chun-Li)
25. Rise|Smug (Balrog)
25. ZW|OilKing (Rashid)
25. GFuel|Verloren (Cammy)

Capcom Cup 2017 — Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, second set: Rise|MenaRD (Birdie) eliminated FOX|Tokido (Akuma) 3-1.

• Grand finals, first set: Rise|MenaRD (Birdie) beat FOX|Tokido (Akuma) 3-2.

• Losers finals: Rise|MenaRD (Birdie) eliminated AW|Nemo (Urien) 3-0.

• Losers semi-finals: AW|Nemo (Urien) eliminated Ponos|Moke (Rashid) 3-0.

• Winners finals: FOX|Tokido (Akuma) beat Rise|MenaRD (Birdie) 3-2.

• AW|Nemo (Urien) eliminated DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) 3-1.

• Ponos|Moke (Rashid) eliminated YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) 3-2.

• AW|Nemo (Urien) eliminated Mouz|Problem X (M. Bison) 3-2.

• Ponos|Moke (Rashid) eliminated CYG|Daigo (Guile) 3-1.

• Winners semi-finals: FOX|Tokido (Akuma) beat YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) 3-1.

• Winners semi-finals: Rise|MenaRD (Birdie) beat DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) 3-0.

Capcom Cup 2017 — Top 16 battle log

• AW|Nemo (Urien) eliminated RB|Bonchan (Nash) 3-0.

• Mouz|Problem X (M. Bison) eliminated RB|Luffy (R. Mika) 3-1.

• CYG|Daigo (Guile) eliminated FOX|Momochi (Ken) 3-1.

• Ponos|Moke (Rashid) eliminated PG|Punk (Karin) 3-2.

• AW|Nemo (Urien) eliminated AAG|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim) 3-2.

• Mouz|Problem X (M. Bison) eliminated GRPT|Fuudo (R. Mika) 3-1.

• FOX|Momochi (Ken) eliminated Allegiance|801 Strider (Laura) 3-1.

• PG|Punk (Karin) eliminated RZR|Xian (Ibuki) 3-2.

• YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) beat RB|Luffy (R. Mika) 3-1.

• FOX|Tokido (Akuma) beat RB|Bonchan (Karin, Nash) 3-1.

• DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) beat Ponos|Moke (Rashid) 3-2.

• Rise|MenaRD (Birdie) beat CYG|Daigo (Guile) 3-2.

Capcom Cup 2017 — Top 32 battle log

• Allegiance|801 Strider (Laura) eliminated Gachikun (Rashid) 3-2.

• AW|Nemo (Urien) eliminated CO|Dogura (Urien) 3-1.

• FOX|Momochi (Ken) eliminated FOX|Justin Wong (Karin) 3-0.

• AAG|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim) eliminated GGP|Kazunoko (Cammy) 3-2.

• RZR|Xian (Ibuki) eliminated CYG|Snake Eyez (Zangief) 3-0.

• GRPT|Fuudo (R. Mika) eliminated Scarz|Sako (Akuma) 3-0.

• PG|Punk (Karin) eliminated Mago (Karin) 3-0.

• Mouz|Problem X (M. Bison) eliminated CO|Go1 (Chun-Li) 3-2.

• Allegiance|801 Strider (Laura) eliminated BX3|Phenom (Necalli) 3-0.

• CO|Dogura (Urien) eliminated GFuel|Verloren (Cammy) 3-1.

• FOX|Justin Wong (Karin) eliminated GRPT|Haitani (Necalli) 3-1.

• AAG|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim) eliminated ZW|OilKing (Rashid) 3-1.

• RZR|Xian (Ibuki) eliminated NASR|Big Bird (Ken) 3-0.

• GRPT|Fuudo (R. Mika) eliminated Rise|Smug (Balrog) 3-2.

• PG|Punk (Karin) eliminated F3|Brolynho (Necalli, Abigail) 3-0.

• CO|Go1 (Menat) eliminated EG|Ricki Ortiz (Chun-Li) 3-1.

• DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) beat Mouz|Problem X (Birdie, M. Bison) 3-0.

• RB|Luffy (R. Mika) beat Mago (Karin) 3-1.

• Ponos|Moke (Rashid) beat Scarz|Sako (Akuma) 3-1.

• YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) beat CYG|Snake Eyez (Zangief) 3-0.

• Rise|MenaRD (Birdie) beat GGP|Kazunoko (Cammy) 3-1.

• CYG|Daigo (Guile) beat AW|Nemo (Urien) 3-0.

• RB|Bonchan (Karin) beat FOX|Momochi (Zeku, M. Bison) 3-0.

• FOX|Tokido (Akuma) beat Gachikun (Rashid) 3-1.

Capcom Cup 2017 — First round matches battle log

• DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) beat BX3|Phenom (Necalli) 3-2.

• Mago (Karin) beat GFuel|Verloren (Cammy) 3-1.

• Mouz|Problem X (M. Bison) beat Allegiance|801 Strider (Laura) 3-1.

• RB|Luffy (R. Mika) beat CO|Dogura (Urien) 3-1.

• Ponos|Moke (Rashid) beat FOX|Justin Wong (Karin) 3-0.

• CYG|Snake Eyez (Zangief) beat ZW|OilKing (Rashid) 3-1.

• Scarz|Sako (Akuma) beat GRPT|Haitani (Necalli) 3-2.

• YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) beat AAG|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim) 3-1.

• Rise|MenaRD (Birdie) beat RZR|Xian (Ibuki) 3-2.

• RB|Bonchan (Karin) beat Rise|Smug (Balrog) 3-1.

• GGP|Kazunoko (Cammy) beat NASR|Big Bird (Rashid, Ken) 3-1.

• FOX|Momochi (Zeku) beat GRPT|Fuudo (R. Mika) 3-1.

• CYG|Daigo (Guile) beat F3|Brolynho (Necalli) 3-2.

• Gachikun (Rashid) beat CO|Go1 (Ibuki, Menat) 3-1.

• AW|Nemo (Urien) beat PG|Punk (Karin) 3-1.

• FOX|Tokido (Akuma) beat EG|Ricki Ortiz (Chun-Li) 3-1.

Battle for the Stones — Results

1. FORT|Cloud805 (Zero, Dante | Hulk, Black Panther)
2. EG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Monster Hunter)
3. SPY|RyanLV (Morrigan, Chun-Li | Hulk, Black Panther)
4. Stealth (Zero, Dante)
5. Rise|Richard Nguyen (Dante, Strider)
5. FOX|Justin Wong (Nova, Ultron)
7. Flocker (Zero, Mega Man X)
7. F2G|Moise (Ghost Rider, Nova)

9. SPY|Filipino Champ (Ultron, Dormammu)
9. Teemo (Dormammu, Nova)
9. GGP|Kazunoko (Dormammu, Ultron)
9. SackTap (Nemesis, Haggar | Captain America, Arthur)
13. Viscant (Nova, Haggar)
13. KaneBlueRiver (Haggar, Dante)
13. Brian Kasugano (Gamora, Thanos)
13. Alioune (Dante, Dormammu)

Battle for the Stones — Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, first set: FORT|Cloud805 (Zero, Dante) eliminated EG|NYChrisG (Monster Hunter, Morrigan) 3-2.

• Losers finals: EG|NYChrisG (Monster Hunter, Morrigan) eliminated SPY|RyanLV (Morrigan, Chun-Li) 3-0.

• Losers semi-finals: EG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Monster Hunter) eliminated Stealth (Zero, Dante) 3-2.

• Winners finals: FORT|Cloud805 (Zero, Dante) beat SPY|RyanLV (Morrigan, Chun-Li | Hulk, Black Panther) 3-2.
Note: In the third match, FORT|Cloud805 used the Mind Stone, allowing him to pick SPY|RyanLV's team and stone for the round.

• EG|NYChrisG (Monster Hunter, Morrigan) eliminated Rise|Richard Nguyen (Dante, Strider) 3-0.

• FOX|Justin Wong (Nova, Ultron) eliminated F2G|Moise (Ghost Rider, Nova) 3-2.

• EG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Monster Hunter) eliminated Flocker (Zero, Mega Man X) 3-0.

• Winners semi-finals: FORT|Cloud805 (Dante, Zero) beat Rise|Richard Nguyen (Dante, Strider) 3-0.

• Winners semi-finals: SPY|RyanLV (Morrigan, Chun-Li) beat Stealth (Zero, Dante) 3-2.
Note: Stealth used his Space Stone to change his opponent from FORT|Cloud805 to SPY|RyanLV.
Note: In the third match, SPY|RyanLV used his Reality Stone, allowing him to change Stealth's controls for the round.

Battle for the Stones — Top 16 battle log

• Flocker (Zero, Mega Man X) eliminated SackTap (Nemesis, Haggar | Captain America, Arthur) 3-0.

• EG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Monster Hunter) eliminated GGP|Kazunoko (Dormammu, Ultron) 3-0.

• F2G|Moise (Ghost Rider, Nova) eliminated SPY|Filipino Champ (Ultron, Dormammu) 3-0.

• FOX|Justin Wong (Nova, Ultron) eliminated Teemo (Dormammu, Nova) 3-2.

• Flocker (Zero, Mega Man X) eliminated Alioune (Dante, Dormammu) 3-2.

• GGP|Kazunoko (Dormammu, Ultron) eliminated Brian Kasugano (Gamora, Thanos) 3-0.

• Teemo (Dormammu, Nova) eliminated KaneBlueRiver (Haggar, Dante) 3-2.

• F2G|Moise (Ghost Rider, Nova) eliminated Viscant (Nova, Haggar) 3-1.

• Rise|Richard Nguyen (Dante, Strider) beat SPY|Filipino Champ (Ultron, Dormammu) 3-2.
Note: When the score was 2-2, Rise|Richard Nguyen used his Soul Stone to erase one of SPY|Filipino Champ's won rounds.

• SPY|RyanLV (Morrigan, Chun-Li) beat FOX|Justin Wong (Nova, Ultron) 3-2.
Note: In the first match, FOX|Justin Wong used the Reality Stone, allowing him to change SPY|RyanLV's controls for the round.

• FORT|Cloud805 (Zero Dante | Hulk, Black Panther) beat EG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Monster Hunter) 3-2.
Note: In the first match, FORT|Cloud805 used the Power Stone, allowing him to do a free combo at the start of the round.
Note 2: In the second match, EG|NYChrisG used the Mind Stone, allowing him to pick FORT|Cloud805's team and stone for the round.

• Stealth (Zero, Dante) beat SackTap (Nemesis, Haggar) 3-0.
Note: By winning, Stealth claimed the Space Stone from Sacktap.

Battle for the Stones — First Round Matches battle log

• RISE|Richard Nguyen (Dante, Strider) beat Flocker (Zero, Mega Man X) 3-1.
Note: RISE|Richard Nguyen used his Soul Stone, which would allow him to erase one of his opponent's won matches if they went up 3 wins first, for this battle. He did not end up erasing Flocker's won round.

• SPY|Filipino Champ (Ultron, Dormammu) beat Alioune (Dante, Dormammu) 3-1.

• FOX|Justin Wong (Nova, Ultron) beat Brian Kasugano (Gamora, Thanos) 3-1.
Note: By winning, FOX|Justin Wong claimed the Reality Stone from Brian Kasugano.

• SPY|RyanLV (Morrigan, Chun-Li) beat GGP|Kazunoko (Dormammu, Ultron) 3-1.
Note: By winning, SPY|RyanLV claimed the Time Stone for GGP|Kazunoko.

• FORT|Cloud805 (Zero, Dante) beat KaneBlueRiver (Haggar, Dante) 3-0.

• EG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Monster Hunter) beat Teemo (Dormammu, Nova) 3-2.
Note: By winning, EG|NYChrisG claimed the Mind Stone from Teemo.

• Stealth (Zero, Dante) beat F2G|Moise (Ghost Rider, Nova) 3-0.

• SackTap (Nemesis, Haggar) beat Viscant (Nova, Haggar) 3-2.

Last Chance Qualifier — Results

1. AW|Nemo (Urien)
2. GRPT|Infiltration (Menat, Juri)
3. Brian_F (Balrog)
4. Acqua (Ibuki)
5. StormKubo (Abigail)
5. Infused|Shakz (Laura)
7. Commander Jesse (Dhalsim)
7. SB|Dieminion (Ed, F.A.N.G)

9. LPN (M. Bison)
9. Jochy (Akuma)
9. BxA|CoolKid93 (Abigail, Rashid)
9. Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile)
13. SPY|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
13. XSK Samurai (Akuma)
13. Tempo|Alex Myers (Cammy)
13. Mo-Joe (R. Mika)

17. Mira (Ibuki)
17. Chris Tatarian (Ken)
17. F2G|Moise (Laura)
17. CYG|PR Balrog (Balrog)
17. GAM|DR Ray (Vega)
17. EliTheCurry (Laura)
17. Trashbox (Birdie)
17. DouyuTV|Xiao Hai (Cammy)

25. SC|Sawasama (Guile, Nash)
25. SB|DoomSnake (Vega)
25. GOL|Ranmasama (Rashid)
25. EG|K-Brad (Cammy)
25. GRPT|MOV (Chun-Li)
25. SB|JB (Rashid)
25. ZW|GamerBee (Necalli)
25. GAM|Caba (Guile)

Last Chance Qualifier — Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, second set: AW|Nemo (Urien) eliminated GRPT|Infiltration (Juri) 3-1.

• Grand finals, first set: GRPT|Infiltration (Juri) beat AW|Nemo (Urien) 3-1.

• Losers finals: GRPT|Infiltration (Menat) eliminated Brian_F (Balrog) 3-1.

• Losers semi-finals: GRPT|Infiltration (Menat) eliminated Acqua (Ibuki) 3-0.

• Acqua (Ibuki) eliminated StormKubo (Abigail) 3-2.

• GRPT|Infiltration (Menat, Juri) eliminated Infused|Shakz (Laura) 3-2.

• Winners finals: AW|Nemo (Urien) beat Brian_F (Balrog) 3-2.

• StormKubo (Abigail) eliminated Commander Jesse (Dhalsim) 3-0.

• Infused|Shakz (Laura) eliminated SB|Dieminion (Ed, F.A.N.G) 3-0.

• Winners semi-finals: Brian_F (Balrog) beat Acqua (Ibuki) 3-2.

• Winners semi-finals: AW|Nemo (Urien) beat GRPT|Infiltration (Menat) 3-0.

Last Chance Qualifier — Top 16 battle log

• StormKubo (Abigail) eliminated Jochy (Akuma) 2-1.

• Commander Jesse (Dhalsim) eliminated LPN (M. Bison) 2-1.

• SB|Dieminion (Ed) eliminated Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) 2-1.

• Infused|Shakz (Laura) eliminated BxA|CoolKid93 (Abigail) 2-1.

• Acqua (Ibuki) beat SB|Dieminion (Ed) 2-0.

• GRPT|Infiltration (Menat) beat Commander Jesse (Dhalsim) 2-0.

• AW|Nemo (Urien) beat Jochy (Akuma) 2-1.

• Brian_F (Balrog) beat BxA|CoolKid93 (Abigail, Rashid) 2-0.

• StormKubo (Abigail) eliminated XSK Samurai (Akuma) 2-1.

• Infused|Shakz (Laura) eliminated Tempo|Alex Myers (Cammy) 2-1.

• Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) eliminated Mo-Joe (R. Mika) 2-1.

• LPN (M. Bison) eliminated SPY|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) 2-0.

Last Chance Qualifier — Top 32 battle log

• StormKubo (Abigail) eliminated F2G|Moise (Laura) 2-1.

• Tempo|Alex Myers (Cammy) eliminated EliTheCurry (Laura) 2-0.

• Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) eliminated DouyuTV|Xiao Hai (Cammy) 2-0.

• SPY|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) eliminated Chris Tatarian (Ken) 2-1.

• LPN (M. Bison) eliminated Mira (Ibuki) 2-1.

• Mo-Joe (R. Mika) eliminated Trashbox (Birdie) 2-1.

• Infused|Shakz (Laura) eliminated GAM|DR Ray (Vega) 2-1.

• XSK Samurai (Akuma) eliminated CYG|PR Balrog (Balrog) 2-1.

• SB|Dieminion (F.A.N.G, Ed) beat StormKubo (Abigail) 2-1.

• GRPT|Infiltration (Menat) beat EliTheCurry (Laura) 2-1.

• Brian_F (Balrog) beat Chris Tatarian (Ken) 2-1.

• Commander Jesse (Dhalsim) beat Infused|Shakz (Laura) 2-1.

• AW|Nemo (Urien) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) 2-0.

• Jochy (Akuma) beat Trashbox (Birdie) 2-0.

• BxA|CoolKid93 (Abigail) beat LPN (M. Bison) 2-0.

• Acqua (Ibuki) beat CYG|PR Balrog (Balrog) 2-0.

• F2G|Moise (Laura) eliminated GOL|Ranmasama (Rashid) 2-1.

• SPY|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) eliminated SB|DoomSnake (Vega) 2-1.

• GAM|DR Ray (Vega) eliminated GRPT|MOV (Chun-Li) 2-1.

• DouyuTV|Xiao Hai (Cammy) eliminated GAM|Caba (Guile) 2-1.

• XSK Samurai (Akuma) eliminated EG|K-Brad (Cammy) 2-1.

• Tempo|Alex Myers (Cammy) eliminated SB|JB (Rashid) 2-1.

• Mira (Ibuki) eliminated SC|Sawasama (Guile) 2-1.

• Mo-Joe (R. Mika) eliminated ZW|GamerBee (Necalli) 2-1.

Last Chance Qualifier — Notable pools matches battle log

• ZW|GamerBee (Necalli) eliminated GOL|Joe Shyne (Karin).

• F2G|Moise (Laura) eliminated Infused|Afii (Laura) 2-1.

• Chris Tatarian (Ken) beat ZW|GamerBee (Necalli) 2-0.

• EliTheCurry (Laura) beat Infused|Afii (Laura) 2-1.

• SB|JB (Rashid) eliminated Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) 2-0.

• GAM|DR Ray (Vega) eliminated BushinStyle (Zeku) 2-0.

• StormKubo (Abigail) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) 2-1.

• SB|Doomsnake (Vega) eliminated Inaba (Urien) 2-1.

• BushinStyle (Zeku) eliminated DM|El Cubano Loco (Vega) 2-0.

• Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) beat SC|Sawasama (Nash, Guile) 2-0.

• EG|K-Brad (Cammy) eliminated Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) 2-0.

• Jochy (Akuma) beat SB|Doomsnake (Vega) 2-1.

• StormKubo (Abigail) beat iPeru (Laura) 2-1.

• Acqua (Ibuki) beat GAM|DR Ray (Vega) 2-1.

• LPN (M. Bison) beat DouyuTV|Xiao Hai (Cammy) 2-0.

• Commander Jesse (Dhalsim) beat EG|K-Brad (Cammy) 2-1.

• DM|El Cubano Loco (Vega) beat GRPT|Gllty (Menat) 2-0.

• Death Pool Grand Finals, second set: Chris Tatarian (Ken) eliminated Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) 2-0.
Note: By winning the Death Pool, Chris Tatarian earned a spot in one of the regular pools.

• Death Pool Grand Finals, first set: Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Chris Tatarian (Ken) 2-1.

• Akainu (Guile) eliminated TS|Arturo Sanchez (Dhalsim).

• iPeru (Laura) beat Pavocado (R. Mika) 2-0.

• Chris Tatarian (Ken) beat Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) 2-0.

• XSK Samurai (Akuma) beat NickTanella (Necalli) 2-1.

• Trashbox (Birdie) beat SPY|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim).

• TS|Arturo Sanchez (Dhalsim) eliminated DrDannyPham (Zangief).

• Infused|Shakz (Laura) beat NickTanella (Necalli) 2-0.

• CYG|PR Balrog (Balrog) beat GRPT|MOV (Chun-Li) 2-0.

• Akainu (Guile) beat TS|Arturo Sanchez (Dhalsim).

• BxA|CoolKid93 (Abigail) beat GAM|Caba (Guile) 2-0.

• Chris Tatarian (Ken) beat DrDannyPham (Zangief) 2-1.

• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat ROM (Birdie) 2-0.

• GRPT|Infiltration (Menat) beat KyleP (Laura) 2-0.

• NickTanella (Necalli) beat XSK Samurai (Akuma) 2-1.

• JD (Cammy) beat Stupendous (Zangief) 2-1.

• DrDannyPham (Zangief) beat Rise|Marn (Ibuki) 2-1.

• Chris Tatarian (Ken) beat TP|Valiant (M. Bison) 2-1.

Event Schedule

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Schedule images courtesy of AceKingOffSuit.

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