What changes could Cammy use in Season 3 of Street Fighter 5? Alex Myers gives his thoughts in this collaboration article

You asked for more character buff pieces, you got 'em

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • December 8, 2017 at 10:31 a.m. PST

Because of the positive feedback you guys gave to my Alex suggestion piece, as well as some suggestions in the comments about doing articles like this for more characters, I felt it would be fun to follow your requests.

Unfortunately, there's no other character in Street Fighter 5 that I know well enough to write a piece like this on besides Alex. Thankfully, I have a friend who helped me out, turning this into a collaboration piece.

I got extensive insight from one of U.S.A.'s finest, Tempo|Alex Myers, into Cammy's situation in Street Fighter 5, and what might be nice changes to see her get in the upcoming balance patch.

To clarify, this article will be written entirely with my words, but based on Tempo|Alex Myers' suggestions and opinions, so hopefully this mix and match works out well. If you continue below, you can be the judge.

We'll be starting off with areas where Alex Myers believes she could be improved, or things she's currently somewhat lacking in.

Unsafe divekicks

Although he thinks the nerfs to Cammy's EX Cannon Strike from Season 1 to Season 2 were fair, Myers notes that he thinks they went a bit too far with her light kick and medium kick versions.

"Most of the time it's hard to land a really plus dive kick, and I end up being more negative than I should be", he notes, and emphasies that he's talking about their values on block.

This could give Cammy a bit more utility in her airborne approach, and make her somewhat less punishable when she's trying to apply pressure.

Tight hitconfirm window, and crouching medium kick in general

When it comes to Cammy's crouching medium kick, Myers had a lot to say. First off, he'd like the cancel window into Spiral Arrow to be a bit bigger.

His reasoning is sound - he notes that since the cancel window is very small, this hitconfirm can be difficult to land, and that it feels like a fair buff because she doesn't get nearly as much from the cancel as characters like Karin or Akuma do.

Speaking of Akuma, he notes that a cancel window similar to his would be welcome.

Another change he supports, but also admits might be a bit too much, is that he would like for her crouching medium kick to be 6 frames instead of 7 frames startup.

To accomodate this buff, he suggests a tradeoff. "If anything, nerf the range slightly, but make it faster. I think this would be a good change to make her cr. mk game stronger in general".

DP changes have led to lacking anti-air options

Myers thinks that Cammy's light kick Cannon Spike should get some buffs, making it closer to how it was in early Season 2 before they made it so that the light kick version beats throws, the medium kick version anti-airs and the heavy kick version has some invincibility after the 3rd frame.

His reasoning for this is that it was her strongest anti-air at close ranges, and cites an example of a Necalli attacking with jumping Heavy Punch.

He says there's not nearly as much time as before to anti-air with it, which leads to him getting stuffed on startup much more often than before, and if he instead chooses to go for her back medium punch, there's a big risk that it will end up trading negatively for the Cammy player, or perhaps even getting beaten clean by Necalli's Dive Kick.

He continues on, saying "Also, light kick Cannon Spike was really important for dealing with crossups. If I try to cross-cut DP someone going for a crossup now, I lose because her light kick Cannon Spike gets beaten clean".

Low invincibility on her Critical Art

This is a situation I wasn't even aware of, but if Cammy does a Critical Art and happens to be close to her opponent, she will often get beaten clean out of it and lose all of her super meter for nothing.

Myers explains that "There's been so many times when I try to anti-air super someone jumping, and they just trade with me and I lose."

He further laments "I just wasted my entire super on a good read trying to anti-air someone jumping at me. I think this is a dumb flaw that needs to be fixed, and I'm not sure many people realize it".

Standing Heavy Kick from older games to make a comeback

I actually forgot about this move for a moment until Myers brought it up, but he's made it clear that he misses Cammy's old standing heavy kick from Street Fighter 4 and Capcom vs. SNK 2.

He wishes Capcom would add it to her moveset, either as a back heavy kick input or replacing her current heavy kick entirely. "If it Crush Countered into something simple like Heavy Kick Spiral Arrow, I think that would be fair", he adds.

He realizes the potential this move could hold in Street Fighter 5 though, and quickly explains how to limit it, if it were included. "No V-Trigger cancel off of it, though, that would be dumb. I wish they'd remove that for other standing heavy kick moves as well".

Unnecessary Air Throw

One of a few new moves that was added in the so-called Season 2.5 patch earlier this year was an air-throw for Cammy.

Although it caught people off-guard with its bizarre animation, that's not all that's bizarre about it, according to Myers. He plainly states that he'd like them to remove it from the game, or make it much better, saying that he doesn't like the move at all.

His main gripes with it are that it's very specific in where you can use it and has a bad hitbox for dealing with most jump-in attacks in the game.

Following up with an example, he says "Sometimes, if you try to empty jump throw, you can accidentally hit throw slightly too early before landing, which will make her air throw come out and you'll lose your pressure all-together". Ouch.

Although he doesn't think Cammy really needs much in the way of nerfs, he did have a few suggestions in that area as well.

Adjustments to medium normals

He notes that he doesn't think nerfs for Cammy are actually necessary, but if they were to nerf some aspects of her, he has a few moves in mind.

Starting off with her standing medium punch, he notes that it could just as well be reverted back to being +2 on block like it was before, instead of the +3 it lies at now.

He also says that nerfing her standing medium kick recovery to make it easier to punish on whiff would be fair.

With a catch though - "... but if they do that to Cammy, I'd hope they'd do that to every character just to make the game less whiff-heavy. There needs to be more consequences for whiffing in general, in my opinion".

Massive thanks to Tempo|Alex Myers for lending us his expert opinion when it comes to Cammy, and I hope that you all enjoyed the read and his insight. Of course, we also wish him the best of luck in the Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier later today.

What do you guys think about these ideas for Cammy? Let us know in the comments.

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