Infiltration, Xiao Hai, Nemo, MOV - Unbelievable levels of talent and hype signed up for Capcom Cup's Last Chance Qualifier, let's do another rundown

Due to popular demand, we're taking a look at some of the standout players for the qualifier as well

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • December 6, 2017 at 8:23 p.m. PST

After two pieces detailing all the confirmed players for Capcom Cup 2017, we've gotten some feedback that people wanted some insight into the Last Chance Qualifier as well.

We've listened, and given the huge names signed up for the event, it was harder to narrow down the list than you might think.

16 players will be detailed here, but they're only a small part of the currently 150+ entrants traveling and grab the final Capcom Cup spot, so don't be surprised if someone we didn't even detail ends up taking it.

Without further ado, you can find the full rundown below.

The Players of the Capcom Cup 2017 Last Chance Qualifier

It's obviously not feasible to go into detail for every single player signed up for the Last Chance Qualifier, so I had to narrow the list down to 16 players that have come relatively close to qualification already, whether it be via points, or via a Regional Qualifying event.

It is again important to stress that there are many more players signed up for the event, so it's definitely a strong possibility that none of the fighters listed below end up taking it, but they all have a reasonable claim to being players to watch this Friday, when the event takes place.


Country: U.S.A.
Character: Abigail
2017 Season CPT Points: None

Although he hasn't gotten any Capcom Pro Tour points this year, there's still a case to be made for BxA|CoolKid93 and his rampaging Abigail.

After tearing through all of the competition at the Last Chance Qualifier for the North American Regional Finals, he unfortunately fell short in the actual finals, not quite making it through.

There's little doubt that out of the players listed in this piece, BxA|CoolKid93 is the dark horse, but based on his one Capcom Pro Tour appearance this year, Last Chance Qualifiers are his thing, so hey, who knows.


Country: Dominican Republic
Character: Vega
2017 Season CPT Points: 145

He hasn't showed up to many events this year, and consequently lies fairly low on the Capcom Pro Tour points scale, but we'd be remiss to forget that GAM|DR Ray was actually part of Capcom Cup last year.

Using Vega, a character typically not seen that much, he wowed audiences when he sent one of the absolute favorites to win last year (and this year, for that matter), FOX|Tokido, packing from Winner's Bracket in the very first match of the event.

I'd personally argue that the reason GAM|DR Ray lies so low on points this year is solely because of his low tournament appearance this year, and for the Last Chance Qualifier, he's definitely not a player you can be sleeping on.


Country: Japan
Character: Urien
2017 Season CPT Points: 315

While he hasn't been able to attend that many events this year, it's important to not forget the fact that AW|Nemo is the champion of this year's Topanga League.

Until CO|Dogura's impressive run late this year, there was little doubt in anyone's mind that AW|Nemo was the main Urien player to watch, and he's coming to remind everyone of that fact.

Although nothing can be said for certain, given how stacked the Last Chance Qualifier is, AW|Nemo is without a doubt one of the biggest threats present, despite his relatively low point count.

Tempo|Alex Myers

Country: U.S.A.
Character: Cammy
2017 Season CPT Points: 357

Tempo|Alex Myers has had a pretty good year with several top 8 placings to his name, though he's never quite been able to crack that barrier into the top 3.

Consistently improving year over year, and using a fairly strong character, Cammy, who fits him like a glove, he's definitely one to watch at the Last Chance Qualifier.

Much like every other player, he's definitely been preparing hard for this event, so it'll be interesting to see what he has to offer on Friday.

CYG|PR Balrog

Country: U.S.A.
Character: Balrog
2017 Season CPT Points: 375

Easily one of the most notable American players during the Street Fighter 4 era, CYG|PR Balrog hasn't quite found himself the same way in Street Fighter 5 yet.

That said, Season 2 has looked a lot better for him than last year did, with several strong placings including a victory at the first North American online CPT event.

We've heard a lot of complaints about Balrog this season, and although we haven't seen tournament results backing this up, CYG|PR Balrog is one of the players, as his name suggests, who is most apt to show just how scary the character can be.


Country: Dominican Republic
Character: Guile
2017 Season CPT Points: 430

One of the most notable players from the Dominican Republic, GAM|Caba has consistently placed well at the few events he's attended throughout the year, even winning at two of them.

Unfortunately, you need to do a lot more than win two Ranking Events to get Capcom Cup qualification, and it looks like GAM|Caba is another one of those players who has simply suffered from not being able to travel enough.

With that in mind, he's in a good position now, where winning this event will get you a free ticket straight into Capcom Cup. Now that he's there, he can do it.

XSK Samurai

Country: U.S.A.
Character: Akuma
2017 Season CPT Points: 456

XSK Samurai has been building up points throughout the year with a few very strong palcings, including 3rd place at the Premier Event CEO 2017.

Unfortunately, so have a lot of other players, leading to XSK Samurai falling to the wayside and not making the final event.

He'll be looking to change that at the Last Chance Qualifier with his signature Akuma play that has made him one of the most solid players in North America.


Country: South Korea
Character: Juri
2017 Season CPT Points: 470

GRPT|Infiltration has had a rough year by many standards, and a lot of it tends to get attributed to him switching characters to Juri, who very few players, including GRPT|Infiltration himself, consider particularly strong.

Lately on his stream, he's been playing a lot of Menat, though word is that he still considers Juri his main. Given that he places Menat slightly higher on his own tier list, though, it's likely we'll see some sort of dual play between the two characters depending on the matchup.

One of the most notable things about GRPT|Infiltration having to resort to the Last Chance Qualifier is that he's been a participant in every Capcom Cup up until now. To maintain that record, he needs to pull out all the stops and win on Friday, but that road is going to be tough, even for a player of his calibre.


Country: U.S.A. (Puerto Rico)
Character: F.A.N.G
2017 Season CPT Points: 471

One of the most forgotten characters of Street Fighter 5, even moreso in Season 2, is F.A.N.G.

Despite this, ESPR|Mono has taken this character to one tournament victory, two second places and several other solid placings this year.

As probably the strongest F.A.N.G player currently playing the game, ESPR|Mono will hopefully be able to exploit the other player's matchup inexperience and, of course, his own grand prowess to show them that no matter how low usage a character has, they can still pack a serious punch.

DouyuTV|Xiao Hai

Country: China
Character: Cammy
2017 Season CPT Points: 490

DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, like several other players, hasn't been able to travel that much year, though when he has, he's been putting on the hurt on everyone in his way.

Using Cammy since the game came out, DouyuTV|Xiao Hai has polished his skills with her to an extremely high level, and hopefully it'll be enough to overcome his obstacles.

After all, his demon Liquid|NuckleDu isn't going to be at the Last Chance Qualifier or the main event.


Country: U.S.A.
Character: Balrog
2017 Season CPT Points: 575

Another of U.S.A.'s top Balrog players, Brian_F has had a pretty good year on his home turf.

Unfortunately, the North American Regional Finals did not go his way, and he ended up eliminated in 5th place.

With many great performances throughout the year, let's see how his momentum keeps up going into his ultimate (or potentially penultimate) event of 2017.


Country: Taiwan
Character: Necalli
2017 Season CPT Points: 586

Mainly showing up to Premier Events throughout the entire year, ZW|GamerBee has unfortunately been unable to clinch out many high placings relative to his storied fighting game history, with three top 8 placings this year, two in Premier Events and one in a Ranking Event.

He also had a busy year being a TO for TWFighter Major earlier this year, meaning he couldn't enter the event to try and grab some of those much-needed points.

A great guy through-and-through, who according to fellow countryman ZW|OilKing has been instrumental in making growing the fighting game scene in Taiwan, it's difficult not to root for ZW|GamerBee.

I'm sure that in the end, he'll have made all of his fans proud, win or lose.


Country: U.S.A.
Character: Cammy, Karin
2017 Season CPT Points: 612

EG|K-Brad has been all over the place this year, going to events practically every week. Unfortunately for him, his results haven't been able to net him quite enough points to go the whole distance.

A true Cammy main since back in Street Fighter 4, he's also started using Karin in tournament from time to time, so he's definitely exploring his options and trying his best to advance his game.

Although he hasn't seen a win yet this year, this could be his event. If he does end up winning, though, he needs to be prepared for the coming two days being even more difficult.


Country: U.S.A.
Character: Guile, Ibuki
2017 Season CPT Points: 617

Although EG|NYChrisG is most known for his top-level Marvel vs. Capcom play, he's always been a strong Street Fighter contender as well.

Switching between several different characteres in Street Fighter 5, you're never quite sure what you'll get when he steps up to the stage, though he seems to rely mostly on Guile and Ibuki.

There's no doubt that he's a historic figure within fighting games already, but he's surely hoping to expand that to become accepted as one of the all-time greats in the Street Fighter series, too, and even though his points have fallen short, he still has this last chance to make his 2017 Capcom Pro Tour experience count.


Country: Japan
Character: Chun-Li
2017 Season CPT Points: 646

To be honest, GRPT|MOV is the player I'm most shocked over not already being qualified for the Capcom Cup Finals.

This Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike legend has been nothing short of amazing since Street Fighter 5 launched, although we can't ignore the fact that Chun-Li was very, very powerful last season too.

Even after her nerfs, GRPT|MOV has stayed loyal to the Strongest Woman in the World, with a bit more mixed results. He's still been showing us great gameplay, but his placings haven't been quite as impactful, though he did make top 8 at EVO for the game's second consecutive year.

I don't think it's a controversial statement to say that GRPT|MOV is the best Chun-Li player in the world, and if there's anyone who doubts that statement, just tune in and watch the Last Chance Qualifier. Trust me.

SPY|Filipino Champ

Country: U.S.A.
Character: Dhalsim
2017 Season CPT Points: 735

Out of the players confirmed to be participating in the Last Chance Qualifier, SPY|Filipino Champ is the one with most points, and was in fact only two placings short of qualifyng for Capcom Cup, with only SPZ|NL between him and the qualified Scarz|Sako.

There's no doubt that SPY|Filipino Champ has been putting in some serious work this year, with his most notable placings being 3rd at the Premier Event Ultimate Fighting Arena and an amazing 7th place finish at EVO 2017.

He will also participating in the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite championship Battle for the Stones this weekend, so hopefully the split focus won't have any adverse effect on his Street Fighter 5 performance.

He's definitely shown this year that he has what it takes, and may very well be the best Dhalsim player around, so we're looking forward to seeing what he's got in store on Friday.

Thanks for reading through our Capcom Cup 2017 Last Chance Qualifier rundown, and tune in on Friday to see how it ends up.

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