Continuing our Capcom Cup 2017 rundown, get acquainted with the remaining players set to participate this weekend

In the second half of our preview, we detail the 16 highest-seeded players for the event

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • December 5, 2017 at 7:02 p.m. PST

Yesterday, we ran a piece detailing what's in store for this weekend at Capcom Cup 2017.

Today we're following up with the sequel, where you can see quick profiles on the 16 remaining players set to partake in the prestigious event.

But before we get into the players, let's do a quick recap of the event itself in case you missed yesterday's piece.

Continue below for the full rundown.

The Event

Where is it happening?

Capcom Cup 2017 will be taking place at in Anaheim, California, with the finals day taking place at the PlayStation Experience event.

When is it happening?

Including the Last Chance Qualifier, the event will be taking place from Friday the 8th of December to Sunday the 10th of December - this upcoming weekend.

What can we expect?

There's actually a lot happening at this event, with a Last Chance Qualifier for the final spot in the 32-man bracket, and then a ton of matches between the players who've qualified this far. So many, in fact, that they're upping it to two simultaneous streams to keep the action lodaded for every viewer.

Of course, we'll also be seeing the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Battle for the Stones tournament at this event, for which 16 players have qualified.

Besides this, Capcom have promised we're going to see announcements at the event, so stay tuned for the latest about Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, and what we can look forward to from the title next year.

The Players

Thousands of people have traveled across the globe this year to participate in various Capcom Pro Tour events to try and gather the points to stand on this stage, and while only 32 have been granted that privilege, it hasn't been taken lightly. All of these fighters have done their very best to get here, and it's going to be a fierce battle to reach the top.

After covering a bunch of players yesterday, today we're moving on to the 16 players who have gathered the most CPT points this year, and as such are theoretically the more favored players going into the event.


Country: Japan
Character: Guile
2017 Season CPT Points: 1045

The living legend himself, CYG|Daigo, has seen more success this year in Street Fighter 5 than the rocky start he had, which admittedly evened out eventually, last year.

Abandoning Ryu after his heavy nerfs, CYG|Daigo has posted great results this year using Guile, a character he's definitely not unfamiliar with from past titles.

While we might not be seeing as many Umeshoryu as we're accustomed to, CYG|Daigo's hard reads are still a major threat even with a charge-based character, so it's unlikely any competitor will go into the event underestimating him.


Country: Japan
Character: Rashid
2017 Season CPT Points: 1071

The second of the Rashid triangle, Gachikun, has posted amazing results across the globe, but never quite managed to get that 1st place in a tournament this year.

Although he expressed concern about going up against CYG|Daigo in his very first match, the brackets have actually changed since then due to EG|Ricki Ortiz entering the tournament in place of Liquid|NuckleDu, so prospects are looking much better for him all of a sudden.

They might still go up against eachother in another match at the event, but Gachikun said he's been practicing hard for CYG|Daigo specifically, so it'll be a very exciting match if it does end up happening.

Regardless, Gachikun is loaded with confidence and as the world warrior he's been this season has a good grasp of what to expect from opponents from different regions, so expect to see him do some serious damage.


Country: Taiwan
Character: Rashid
2017 Season CPT Points: 1100

Right after Gachikun, another Rashid appears. ZW|OilKing has been the most successful out of the Rashid mains from Asia, and is the only one of them not from Japan, either.

With Taiwan's fighting game scene booming right now, ZW|OilKing has risen to the top and by Capcom Cup standards is the best Street Fighter 5 player in the region, though in a region filled with such strong players it's obviously up for debate outside of the CPT.

A Rashid loyalist, sticking with him even when people thought he was underwhelming, ZW|OilKing really brings the character's full potential to life.

Although he officially stated that his goal is to get at least 3rd place at Capcom Cup 2017, but no matter how humble he may present himself with that statement, we have to believe he's gunning for 1st place and has been working hard to be able to take everyone in his way down.

FOX|Justin Wong

Country: U.S.A.
Character: Karin, Ed
2017 Season CPT Points: 1131

Although he's probably more known for his Marvel vs. Capcom prowess, FOX|Justin Wong has been one of U.S.A.'s best Street Fighter players for over a decade.

While his luck at Capcom Cup has been incredibly poor, going 0-2 every year since the event began, this could be the year to finally break his curse.

Even though Karin is his main, and resides up in the higher end of tiers, FOX|Justin Wong went on record saying that he believes Ed is a great counterpick for today's meta, and he's been using the character semi-regularly in tournament play.

Equipped with one of the best characters in the game, and perhaps the character people in this tournament will be least prepared for how to handle, there's definitely room for hoping that FOX|Justin Wong will not only crush the curse, but move to the very end of the tournament.

DNG|Itabashi Zangief

Country: Japan
Character: Zangief
2017 Season CPT Points: 1157

As one of the most unpredictable top players in fighting games, DNG|Itabashi Zangief is a player everyone at Capcom Cup should fear.

Although he hasn't been able to win an event this year, he's a frequent top 4 placer, with such placings at 3 premiers and EVO 2017 under his belt.

With perhaps the most complete Zangief in the Street Fighter 5 scene, DNG|Itabashi Zangief can conquer any of his difficult matchups, to not even speak of the easier ones.

He noted that he thinks Zangief is in a good position tier-wise this year, and said confidently that as long as he can keep his momentum going with his own playstyle, he has a chance to win, and we're inclined to agree.


Country: South Korea
Character: Cammy
2017 Season CPT Points: 1170

The most successful player from South Korea this year, and in fact the only one who actually made it into Capcom Cup, even though GRPT|Infiltration, Poongko, SPZ|NL, Save and others put their absolute best effort in.

Having started playing fighting games seriously barely more than a year ago, he definitely lacks experience compared to every other player in this event, but even without it he made it all the way here.

A player experiencing that level of rapid improvement is someone to be feared, to be sure, and on the whole it seems likely he can cause some gigantic upsets this weekend.

Whatever the case, new blood is always welcome in the fighting game community, and seeing GFuel|Verloren on this big stage is going to be a treat.


Country: Japan
Character: Karin, Nash
2017 Season CPT Points: 1190

Although RB|Bonchan has officially switched mains to Karin, we decided to stick Nash as his header for this blurb since that's the character he gathered most of his Capcom Pro Tour points with.

It's unlikely we'll see much, if any, Nash usage at Capcom Cup from him, which is a shame, but he's been vocal about how weak he believes Nash to be in Season 2 of Street Fighter 5.

With a brand new main in tow, and having the extremely polished fighting game skills we've seen from him numerous times before, it's still advisory to look at RB|Bonchan as a true competitor this year.


Country: Singapore
Character: Ibuki
2017 Season CPT Points: 1250

RZR|Xian lit the Street Fighter world on fire back in March when he showed up to the year's very first Capcom Pro Tour event, a Premier nonetheless, and having dropped his previous main F.A.N.G, ran with Ibuki the whole way through and completely dominated the competition.

After having a great first half of the year, RZR|Xian hasn't been showing up to events as much since, secure in knowing he had enough points to qualify for Capcom Cup anyway.

He said in our interview that he picked her because he just wanted to win, and win he did. Though we haven't seen as much of RZR|Xian this year as we may be used to, it's worth noting that out of the 7 Capcom Pro Tour events he partook in this year, he won a whopping 4 of them, meaning he has a higher than 50% win rate in tournaments for this season.

Let's see if he can keep that record above the halfway line with a Capcom Cup victory, something he's been looking for, but unfortunately fallen short of, every year so far.


Country: Japan
Character: Cammy
2017 Season CPT Points: 1355

The last Capcom Cup champion from the Street Fighter 4 era, GGP|Kazunoko is back once again to light up the stage.

Cammy is generally seen as one of the stronger characters in Street Fighter 5, and the player who shows us that the best is without a doubt this very player, always being on point with his hit-confirms and the classic GGP|Kazunoko reads.

As a player who excels not only at Street Fighter 5, but many other games (in fact, he's competing in this weekend's Battle for the Stones tournament as well), he's used to carrying something of a split focus, so you can bet he's prepared for most, if not all, players participating.

Let's just hope nobody drops a door on his head this time, though, right?


Country: Japan
Character: R. Mika
2017 Season CPT Points: 1360

One of the ultimate footsie masters in Street Fighter 4, and a former EVO champion in that title, GRPT|Fuudo is without a doubt the most iconic R. Mika player in Street Fighter 5.

Coming originally from a Virtua Fighter background, he's a true fighting game legend, and he's clearly been putting in some heavy work in Street Fighter 5.

Surprisingly enough, he doesn't have a victory to his name this year, but he has a LOT of 2nd place finishes. Obviously, this is something he's going to do his best to avoid at Capcom Cup 2017. Maybe this can be the one he finally gets 1st place at?


Country: Japan
Character: Urien
2017 Season CPT Points: 1446

CO|Dogura really surprised everyone this October, where after having finished just outside of top 8 at most events for the year, he ended up taking two big Premier events back-to-back at TWFighter Major and Canada Cup.

Part of this, he's attributed to a mentality shift where he worries less and is generally okay with ending up losing, and it certainly looks like it's been paying off in spades.

On top of that, CO|Dogura is in fact the only Urien user participating in the finals, and this is a character a lot of people think is a bit of problem, albeit less so than he was prior to the so-called Season 2.5 patch.

CO|Dogura has been a true champion in several titles, with many wins in Guilty Gear and BlazBlue under his belt, so hopefully this can be a big win that eclipses both of his Premier victories this year, and solidifies him as a true Street Fighter 5 champion.

Mouz|Problem X

Country: United Kingdom
Character: M. Bison
2017 Season CPT Points: 1662

In the middle of a barrage of Japanese player stands United Kingdom's shining star, Mouz|Problem X.

After switching around across a few different characters last year and the beginning of this year, he finally settled mainly on M. Bison, and his results have been outstanding.

With a whopping five 1st place finishers for him this year (with two of them being Premier Events), he's been out in full force, kicking ass and taking names, though he does admit that for Capcom Cup 2017 he'll be going up against a few of M. Bison's harder matchups early on.

I personally feel that Problem X's M. Bison does things that simply no other M. Bison player really does, so seeing how he stacks up at this season finale will be a real treat.


Country: Japan
Character: Necalli
2017 Season CPT Points: 1820

A fighting game legend through-and-through, GRPT|Haitani has been a bright light in the competitive Street Fighter 5 scene ever since the game launched.

Sticking with Necalli from day 1, he's truly polished his skills with the character and brought him to the most consistent level we've seen so far.

It's very rare for him to miss a top 8 when he enters an event, but obviously this tournament has higher stakes and fiercer competition than any other.

GRPT|Haitani isn't one to come unprepared, though, so look for him to exploit any weakness he spots immediately, and by doing so he's likely to go very far... Or, if you believe GRPT|Haitani himself, win the whole thing.


Country: Japan
Character: Ibuki
2017 Season CPT Points: 1821

Being a strong force at Premier Events this year, in fact winning three of them, YouDeal|Yukadon is sitting pretty as far Capcom Pro Tour points go.

But once the main event begins, points won't matter anymore, so it's all down to how much pain he can bring with his signature Ibuki, who he's been using since this year began.

In our interview with him, he cited Ibuki as being a character where intricately planning what moves you make is a large part of what makes her fun, so look forward to a bunch of cool sequences being pulled out in any of his matches.

Although he expressed some worry about the players he was going up against early, this was before the bracket was thrown into disarray with Liquid|NuckleDu's unfortunate departue from the event, so perhaps the odds are stacked more in his favor now. Only time will tell.


Country: Japan
Character: Akuma
2017 Season CPT Points: 2125

The EVO 2017 champion himself has been a huge force this year, much like he was last year where he came up 2nd in most events to GRPT|Infiltration, and surprisingly going 0-2 at Capcom Cup in the end.

FOX|Tokido tends to be a bit of a tech monster, and although he hasn't been entirely absent since his big EVO win, he has been hiding himself somewhat, and we can only assume he has a bunch of new tricks to pull out this weekend.

Even though he's only second in points, in a lot of ways FOX|Tokido is actually the most favored player to win, because the next player listed was defeated by him in the EVO 2017 grand finals, and they haven't had a rematch yet.

"How do I beat FOX|Tokido?" is undoubtedly the question on every competitor's mind, especially on our final player entry's...


Country: U.S.A.
Character: Karin, Cammy, Nash
2017 Season CPT Points: 3080

Almost 1000 points ahead of the EVO 2017 champion, PG|Punk has been on an absolute tear this entire year. Whether it's Capcom Pro Tour events, ELeague or anything else, he has looked virtually unstoppable at the majority of events he's participated in.

Although he doesn't quite match RZR|Xian's glowing record percentage-wise, he takes the cake in quantity, with an astounding seven 1st place finishes in Capcom Pro Tour events this year, with three of them being Premier Events.

There'd be no doubt in anyone's mind that PG|Punk was going to get the Capcom Cup championship title this year, if not for his match against FOX|Tokido at EVO 2017 where he unfortunately got eliminated in 2nd place, and he still says he's not quite sure if he's figured out how to beat him.

The most poetic thing we could see at Capcom Cup 2017 would be a Grand Finals runback between these two fighters, and with PG|Punk's amazing gameplay, it's likely he'll hold up his end of the deal by getting to Grand Finals. We can only hope that we'll get a runback of that legendary set that, at least to me, put Street Fighter 5 on the map for real.

Thanks for reading through our Capcom Cup 2017 rundown, now let's get hype for the action this weekend!

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