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Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition mode details mention over 200 endings, how the paths work, and more

Six different arcade runs that represent a series (SF, SF2, SFA, SF3, SF4, and SF5)

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 4, 2017 at 5:38 p.m. PST • Comments: 97

New details regarding Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition's main single player mode have been revealed on Capcom Unity. Keep in mind that most of these details were already revealed in today's stream.

There are six paths you can take that has "unique character endings that commemorates 30 years of Street Fighter." Street Fighter has four battles, Street Fighter 2 has eight battles, Street Fighter Alpha has ten battles, Street Fighter 3 has six battles, Street Fighter four has eight battles, while Street Fighter 5 has eleven battles.

It is specifically mentioned that you can actually customize the arcade mode options. This includes being able to increase the number of rounds and difficulty before starting.

The characters that are both playable and can be fought against are represented in each path. For example, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Akuma, Laura, Urien, Alex, Kolin, and Ibuki will be seen in Street Fighter 3's path -- note that Laura is there to apparently represent Sean.

We saw in the stream earlier today that Ryu, Ken, Birdie, Balrog, Zeku, and Abigail. Balrog and Zeku are there in order to represent Mike and Geki respectively (we're not sure who Abigail represents).

Throughout the course of each arcade playthrough, you'll be given choices to fight one of two different characters. Each fight will have a rewards of different point values.

Arcade Mode image #1 Arcade Mode image #2 Arcade Mode image #3 Arcade Mode image #4 Arcade Mode image #5 Arcade Mode image #6 Arcade Mode image #7 Arcade Mode image #8 Arcade Mode image #9 Arcade Mode image #10 Arcade Mode image #11
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There will be over 200 illustration endings from various artists. It will certainly take some time to unlock them all.

According to Capcom Unity, "you can head into the Gallery to find out the unlock condition for each ending. They range from simply completing a path to getting a 'Perfect' on the bonus stage."

Some paths will even have a bonus stage available. This will be the barrel stage.

Break 20 barrels for a bonus. You'll apparently have some "help" from a computer controlled character.

This NPC will try to keep the barrels in the center with his own moveset. It looks like you'll be able to hit him too.

Arcade mode will be playable at the PlayStation Experience on December 9th and 10th. Apparently it won't represent the compelte experience, however.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition will be releasing on January 16th, 2018.

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