Here's a recap of everything V-Trigger related in the recent Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition stream

Confirmation on how some of the newest V-Triggers work in Arcade Edition

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 6, 2017 at 9:40 a.m. PST

So first off, let's address the elephant in the room: the Street Fighter 5 Arcade stream on Monday was overall disappointing. It didn't quite live up to what everyone was hoping for in terms of a hype first look into Arcade Edition (we'll talk more about this later).

With that said, there were small bits of information that we were able to gather from what was shown. We learned some new things about a few of the V-Triggers, for example.

Unfortunately, it's important to note that no new V-Triggers were revealed. The only V-Triggers that we saw in action happened during the latest Arcade Edition trailer.

We did manage to see the names of Alex's, Abigail's, Balrog's, and Zangief's second V-Triggers, however. They are called "Rage Boost," "Hybrid Charge," "No Mercy," and "Cossack Muscle" respectively.

In the case of Alex, Balrog, and Zangief, their second V-Triggers require two bars in order to use; Abigail's second V-Trigger costs three. While we saw the computer opponents have access to these, they refused to actually use them.

This means we can only speculate on what these might do. Will they be good enough to choose over their first set of V-Triggers? Here's a quick look at their names and the number of resources they require (but no gameplay):

Alex and Abigail V-Trigger names image #1 Alex and Abigail V-Trigger names image #2 Alex and Abigail V-Trigger names image #3 Alex and Abigail V-Trigger names image #4 Alex and Abigail V-Trigger names image #5 Alex and Abigail V-Trigger names image #6 Alex and Abigail V-Trigger names image #7 Alex and Abigail V-Trigger names image #8
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We got a chance to see Ryu's new V-Trigger in action. As we have previously speculated, his V-Skill, the parry, is powered up while in this state.

Upon successfully parrying the opponent, the counter attack automatically comes out. The opponent will then be crumpled.

Just like Ryu's first V-Trigger, this one has two bars. Landing a successful parry with this V-Trigger causes the V-Gauge to drop a set amount -- much like you see with other V-Triggers.

The name of this V-Trigger is "Kakko Fubatsu."

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Ken's V-Trigger is his Shinryuken. The number of hits this move landed during the stream was noticeably less than what was shown in the trailer.

It was hinted at that you could potentially mash for additional hits -- although this never actually happened on stream. Without mashing, Ken was able to perform Shinryuken before his V-Trigger meter was expended.

This particular V-Trigger has two bars.

Nash's second V-Trigger costs three bars, rather than two. This means he has to work a little harder to get access to this.

It apparently allows him to perform a command dash (it is not invincible). Its name, "Stealth Dash," certainly makes sense.

From here, he can either perform the somersault kick by pressing the kick button or the ground pound by pressing the punch button. He will be allowed to do this up to three times before the V-Trigger meter expires.

Birdie's second V-Trigger, called "Birdie Time," has three bars. Rather than powering up his moves, he gains access to two new moves.

Just like his first V-Trigger, he breathes fire in an upward motion. This appears to be straight up rather than diagonally upwards.

While in this state, he is able to perform a chain attack and pull the opponent towards him. He can also perform a low version too.

There is apparently a funny trick you can do involving Birdie's can (generated from his V-Skill).

Chun-Li gets her Kikosho back thanks to her newest V-Trigger. There's a quick version that strikes three times and a slower version that hits five times (hold the button during startup).

It looked as though Chun-Li was able to perform this move about four times before her meter expired. It's a three bar V-Trigger.

Finally, we have Ibuki's second V-Trigger, also known as Fuma Shuriken. It's a two bar V-Trigger so it has that advantage over her first V-Trigger.

She is only able to throw the shuriken once. It does make a return trip, however.

What's also interesting is that the V-Gauge will read as "REVERSAL" once a player is able to secure one bar. This becomes "TRIGGER" upon fully filling the meter.

Source: Capcom Unity.

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