ZeRo and MKLeo's back and forth in bracket was one for the ages while Elegant had an epic pop off after beating Ken - 2GG Championship highlights

Sick plays from some of the best Super Smash Bros. 4 players in the world

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 3, 2017 at 7:35 p.m. PST

The 2GG Championship Smash 4 tournament has now come to its conclusion. Being that this was big end of the year event for Super Smash Bros. 4, it was quite a hype event.

This tournament's participating players included TSM|ZeRo, KEN, BSD|Elegant, RNG|Dabuz, MVG|Salem, FOX|MKLeo, LG|Abadango, and CLG|VoiD. These were the competitors that made it into the top eight portion of the bracket.

As a result of the talent that was present here, you can be sure that there were quite a number of spectacular moments that occurred. We have highlights ready for your viewing pleasure that showcase these very moments.

Our first couple of highlights focus on the set that occurred between Abadango and MKLeo. MKLeo was using Cloud while Abadango opted to use Bayonetta.

It was quite an intense set. A single successful Witch Time could easily result in the loss of a stock for MKLeo.

Regardless of this, MKLeo was able to end the set with his Limit Cross Slash.

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Nobody was expecting Elegant's back air with Luigi to take Ken's last stock in this game:

His skills at mashing the Luigi Cyclone made it difficult for Ken to get back to stage when he needed to.

Elegant's energy was in an extreme state when he timed Ken out in their final match. His pop-off was nothing short of epic.

MKLeo also had an extremely impressive display of skill this time around. He ended up going 3 - 0 against ZeRo in the span of maybe five minutes. To top it all off, it was with Meta Knight.

Elegant ended up going against 2017's EVO winner, Salem. He held his own and even took a game from Salem, but in the end he was sent to the losers bracket.

Now he had to try to survive against Dabuz. While he fought well, this was, unfortunately, where he was eliminated from the tournament.

In Melee and Brawl, Marth's down air was rather spectacular. In Smash 4... not so much. This is why we don't see it used very often.

MKLeo was able to make even this move work. He ended up sending Salem to the losers bracket with two clean spikes.

Before their set, ZeRo promised that he would crush Salem. He did... but not before Salem was able to enact this impressive exchange:

ZeRo had an opportunity to get revenge on MKLeo for sending him to the losers bracket. This was one of hte best grand finals of the year, no doubt.

Even for ZeRo, the odds were not necessarily in his favor. Despite this, he managed to get the reset.

By this point, it looked like ZeRo would be able to take this championship. MKLeo ended up pulling out a comeback of his own, however...

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