Omega Sagat in Street Fighter 4 has a few new moves that might turn up in Street Fighter 5 Season 3

Edge Knee Strike, target combo, fake target combo, and Tiger Claw

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 3, 2017 at 2:31 p.m. PST

Sagat is quite clearly a very popular character among the Street Fighter community. He has been both heavily requested and rumored for Season 3.

We've seen a pattern that Street Fighter 5 likes to throw a few twists at fighter movesets. There's been a rumor that Sagat might only have access to Tiger Shots while in a V-Trigger state, which may or may not be true.

Street Fighter 4's Omega Mode appears to have been sort of a testing ground for the future game. Not too long ago, we explored Sakura's moveset in that very mode in order to speculate on how she might play in Street Fighter 5.

While hints seem to be pointing towards Sakura being Season 3's first DLC character, there is still plenty of reasons to believe that Sagat may be coming later down the line. Flowtron mentioned Sagat among a few other characters, after all...

So are there potentially hints of Sagat's move list in Omega Mode? His repertoire seems a little odd in this particular redesign.

Let's have a look.

Edge Knee Strike

In Street Fighter 4, Sagat had access to a "fake kick." This was done by pressing heavy kick a second time very quickly after pressing it the first time.

When this was done, the kick would lose its hitbox but would recover faster. It looks like Sagat has a move that requires the same amount of finesse...

By pressing the heavy kick button twice in quick succession, Sagat will only extend his knee rather than his whole leg. This time, however, the hitbox is active.

There probably weren't too many uses for the original fake kick. Adding a hitbox makes this an entirely new move.

Click image for animated version

Target combo and fake version

In Street Fighter 5, target combos are fairly common. Even Ryu has access to a couple of them.

More than likely, Sagat will also get a target combo or two. Omega Mode provided him with one and a fake version.

Sagat does this by pressing standing medium kick and then standing heavy kick. Both of these kicks strike twice so it is a four hit combo.

Upon connecting with the second kick, the opponent is sent flying. Seems like a good way to put some distance away from the opponent and put them in a soft knockdown state.

Press heavy kick a second time quickly, and the second kick won't come out. This might actually give a mix up or combo opportunity.

Tiger Claw

If Sagat doesn't have access to his Tiger Shots under normal circumstances, then he'll likely need to have improved upclose abilities. This might be the purpose of the special move known as "Tiger Claw."

Perform this move by pressing quarter circle backwards and a kick button. This attack is made up of two separate kicks.

The first hit always appears to strike low. This could potentially be a move that must be blocked while crouching.

As for the second kick, its height is dependent on the strength of the button. Light, medium, and heavy hits low, mid, and high respectively.

All three versions knock down. If the EX version is used instead, Sagat will finish off the opponent with a Tiger Knee that engulfs the opponent in flames.

How do you think Sagat will play if he should be added into Street Fighter 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Video source: DrewTony'Z.

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