Poll results: Is the 2/3 format working for Street Fighter 5?

Has a year and a half of tournament experience changed anything?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 11, 2017 at 1:09 p.m. PDT

Updated 1:08 p.m. PDT, Wed October 11, 2017: And the results are in! You can see how our readers voted after the jump.

Earlier: The question as to the tournament standard of how long Street Fighter 5 sets should be was brought to public discourse about a year ago, and it may coming back for reevaluation, at least unofficially.

Hot off his top eight performance at Japan Cup, SoCal's Chris Tatarian took to Twitter to argue vehemently (though with few words) that all bouts throughout an SF5 event should be played in longer format. As things stand now on the Capcom Pro Tour, all matches are 2/3 games until top eight wherein it changes to 3/5.

"Street Fighter 5 needs to be 3/5. Tournament standard. All the way through," he posted yesterday. "There is NO Logic or discussion as to why it should not be 3/5."

Now the argument behind Tatarian's logic is that this iteration in the Street Fighter franchise is essentially that the game is too volatile for the traditional 2/3 game format.

Characters like Laura and Balrog are notorious for being able to steal away rounds with high damage, mix up situations that (at some levels) are determined by 50/50 guessing. A few other big names in the SF5 community, CYG|PR Balrog and RZR|Infiltration, also chimed in with their opinions on the matter.

The strongest argument against extending sets is probably in the interest of time. When creating a schedule, a tournament organizer has to take into account the fact that each individual bout could technically go the full distance, and major events can easily see hundreds of matches played.

"Pools 2/3, everything else 3/5 in my opinion," PR Balrog posted on his own Twitter page as something of a middle ground solution.

It does pose a bit of a sticky situation, as many look to tournaments to gauge the overall skills of those in attendance. The longer a set goes on the more likely the more skilled and observant player is to be the victor, so the argument seems to boil down to say that the best aren't always being represented in results with the current format.

The 2016 EVO champion, Infiltration, shares a sentiment with Tatarian as he too chimed in on social media to say, "I agree with 3/5 for everything :)."

Though we've discussed this before, a lot has changed with the gameplay and public perception of SF5, and so with the knowledge and experience we have at this 1.5 year mark, how do you think we should go about things?

How should Street Fighter 5 tournament sets be formatted?

1. Pools should be 2/3, with everything after being 3/5: 105 votes / 45.3%
2. Current format is good, 2/3 until top 8: 64 votes / 27.6%
3. Entire tournaments should be 3/5: 63 votes / 27.2%

Total votes: 232

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