A double perfect, a daunting lock down game and a top eight berth; Infexious' Abigail is unlike any we've seen, and is on a tear at VS Fighting

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 12, 2017 at 2:53 p.m. PDT

Especially with a big brawler/grappler type of character such as Abigail, it's normal to see a lot of players do well early with a more gimmicky style, thriving off of others' inexperience with massive damage sequences and odd-looking mix ups.

exceL|Infexious is known for his effectiveness with big body/overpowering fighters, as he took Hugo to new heights in Ultra Street Fighter 4 and has been doing decently well with Zangief and Necalli in Street Fighter 5.

Earlier today at VS Fighting however, he brought out his Abigail, which proved to be exceedingly terrifying for opponents and entertaining for the rest of us.

Rarely relying on run mix ups and armor to get the job done, Infexious instead has been playing Abigail at a slow, yet daunting pace. Already he's showing glimpses of mastery of this character, despite the fact that the car fanatic fighter has only been available for a few weeks.

In the clip below we see the European player apply ridiculous pressure from a move you wouldn't necessarily expect: standing medium punch. Standing medium punch, (which has nine frames of start up, but is plus five frames on block) has such reach that it's incredibly difficult to deal with when used at the proper ranges.

This is what allowed Infexious to essentially have his way with Prophecy|RealMenace's Balrog, locking his foe down and taking total control:

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Let him push you far enough into the corner, and the real games begin. Here we see Infexious continue to bully RealMenace, and eventually deliver the killing blows with Abigail's high damage command throws:

The commentators mentioned Infex had picked up Abigail as a specific counter to Cammy, and it looks like that choice has been paying off in spades.

During his bout with teammate exceL|DarkMoonHado, our Abigail expert was able to score a double perfect:

Infexious has made his way into the top eight losers bracket at VS Fighting, and will face off against Prophecy|Akainu tomorrow when the tourney resumes.

Akainu uses Guile, whose zoning style may very well be a direct counter to Abigail's slower, forward march approach. How do you think Infexious will do in top eight? Let us know in the comments below.

Banner photo courtesy of Stephanie Lindgren.
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