Cashmere and Fatality landing stylish knee kills, ESAM just BARELY misses the ledge, and more

Super Smash Con 2017 highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 12, 2017 at 8:04 p.m. PDT

Super Smash Con 2017's Smash 4 top 32 qualifiers has now finished for the day. We'll be sure to keep an eye out tomorrow for the tournament's conclusion.

We have a series of highlights to showcase here. There were some hype moments that definitely need some attention.

First up is the set between Cashmere and PG|ESAM. ESAM just needed one more game over Cashmere to take the set as he had already won two games.

Things were getting pretty intense. Both players were on their last stocks for the game and had very high percents.

ESAM saw an opportunity for a kill and went for it. He got the grab. Now all he would have to do is follow Cashmere's DI and nail the thunder.

Unfortunately, he missed. Then he got a knee to the face for his troubles.

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E2C|Darkshad looked like he was in trouble against Legit. Luckily, he was playing as Ryu -- a character that hits very, very hard.

He was able to successfully bait out Diddy's monkey flip special. He finished off his stock quite early thanks to a well placed forward smash.

As a result, Darkshad was able to take the set against Legit with an immediate Shoryuken after a focus attack.

YP|Fatality's Captain Falcon being at 155% is a very dangerous thing, thanks to the rage mechanic. He was able to land a raptor boost hit on P1|Tweek at 82% for the KO.

While trying to edge guard against Tweek, Fatality ended up getting spiked by a returning Cloud.

Still, the Captain Falcon knee is always a flashy kill move. Especially when you land it after running off stage like Fatality did.

After landing a four hit combo made up of up airs, Fatality then punished an air dodge with a down air. He then got a little greedy and went for a forward smash.

Tweek spot dodged it with excellent timing then secured the kill with an up air punish.

This is a little heart breaking. I know I've had my share of moments like these while playing Smash...

ESAM was on a tear against 6WX. He ended up missing the ledge with his recovery, causing him to die at a very low percent.

You can tell ESAM was very disappointed with this result.

As if to lift his own spirits, ESAM made sure to pull out a taunt as he claimed 6WX's first stock of the next game.

Normally, multi-hitting moves like Diddy Kong's forward smash is enough to break through Ryu's focus attack. Unfortunately for Shoyd James, he only connected with the second hit.

This was exactly the momentum that Darkshad needed to finish Shoyd off.

Always make sure your combos are true against Ryu. His true Shoryuken is invincible starting at frame 1...

Things got really intense for the final game between Shoyd James and Darkshad. A well-timed down tilt into up smash from Shoyd was what took the set.

DMG Mattyg had a difficult time getting back to the stage against STDX|Falln's down air.

Shoyo James's method of eliminating Dyr's last stock of the set was very impressive. That Luigi cyclone can be a very powerful tool in the right hands.

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