Gfinity Elite Series current standings, early results ft. Luffy, Packz, ISDD, Akainu, Takamura, Cobelcog, Infexious, Afii, Brick, Keftaroz and more

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • August 12, 2017 at 4:35 a.m. PDT

Update: This story has been updated with week 6 battle logs and standings.

The Gfinity Elite Series has been going on every Friday for the last couple of weeks, and it's a team-based league in the UK featuring Street Fighter 5.

The prize pool is as high as £25,000, so there's obviously a lot of incentive for the teams to put forward their best performance.

Players have been drafted by 8 different teams and fight it out every week in pre-determined matches to try and gain as many points as they can.

The roster members aren't any slouches, either, well-known names such as RB|Luffy, Method|Packz, Infused|ImStillDaDaddy, Prophecy|Akainu, Epsilon|Takamura, Method|Cobelcog, exceL|Infexious, Infused|Afii, Epsilon|Brick and Epsilon|Keftaroz are part of various teams' rosters.

Streaming is being done at Gfinity TV, although it's also being broadcast online by BBC 3.

You can catch the action at 6PM local time every Friday. We've included a time zone conversion chart at the bottom of the story.

Overall standings — Gfinity Elite Series

# Team Name Wins Losses Points
1 exceL eSports 5 1 16
2 Epsilon eSports 4 2 13
3 Team Infused 4 2 14
4 Endpoint 3 3 10
5 Prophecy 3 3 10
6 Team EnVyUS 3 3 9
7 Method 2 4 7
8 Reason Gaminig 0 6 1

Week 6 — Battle log

Team EnVyUS vs. Method
• EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li) beat Method|Cobelcog (Cammy).
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat RB|Luffy (R. Mika).
• EnVyUS|Layo (Laura) beat Method|Packz.

Reason vs. exceL eSports
• exceL|Brian (Rashid) beat Reason|KingNashor (Laura).
• exceL|Infexious (Necalli) beat Reason|Vegedow (Vega).
• exceL|Brickterium (Urien) beat Reason|Undacuva (Necalli).

Epsilon eSports vs. Prophecy
• Prophecy|Vzurk (Laura) beat Epsilon|TomB (Cammy).
• Prophecy|RealMenace (Balrog) beat Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid).
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).

Endpoint vs. Team Infused
• Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog) beat Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura).
• Infused|Shakz (Cammy) beat Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Ibuki).
• Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog) beat Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim).
• Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) beat Infused|Afii (Laura).

Week 5 — Battle log

Reason vs. Epsilon eSports
• Epsilon|Atrosh (Birdie) beat Reason|Undacova (Necalli).
• Epsilon|Yus-TTM (Akuma) beat Reason|KingNashor (Laura).
• Epsilon|Brick (Zangief) beat Reason|CrossCounter (Karin).

exceL eSports vs. Endpoint
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat exceL|Infexious (Necalli).
• exceL|Infexious (Necalli) beat Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim).
• Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) beat exceL|Brian (Rashid).

Method vs. Team Infused
• Infused|Shakz (Laura) beat RB|Luffy (R. Mika).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile).
• Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog) beat RB|Luffy (R. Mika).
• Infused|Shakz (Laura) beat Method|Cobelcog (Cammy).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile).

Prophecy vs. Team EnVyUS
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma) beat Prophecy|Akainu (Guile).
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega).
• EnVyUS|Layo (Laura) beat Prophecy|RMZ (Necalli).
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma).

Week 4 — Battle log

Endpoint vs. Epsilon eSports
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega).
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura).
• Epsilon|Brick (Zangief) beat Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid).

Team EnVyUS vs. Reason Gaming
• EnVyUS|Layo (Laura) beat Reason|CrossCounter (Karin).
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat Reason|KingNashor (Laura).
• EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li) beat Reason|Undacova (Necalli).

Prophecy vs. Method
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat Method|Packz (Karin).
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Method|Cobelcog (Cammy).
• Prophecy|RealMenace (Balrog) beat Method|Quiggy (Zangief).

Team Infused vs. exceL eSports
• exceL|Infexious (Zangief) beat Infused|Afii (Laura).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat InfusedImStillDaDaddy (Guile).
• Infused|Shakz (Cammy) beat exceL|Brian (Rashid).
• Infused|Afii (Laura) beat exceL|Infexious (Zangief).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile).

Week 3 — Battle log

Endpoint vs. Team EnVyUS
• Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) beat EnVyUS|Layo (Laura).
• Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega) beat EnVyUS|JoKeRJoKeZ (Dhalsim).
• EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat EnVyUS|Layo (Laura).

Epsilon eSports vs. Team Infused
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog).
• Infused|Afii (Laura) beat Epsilon|Brick (Zangief).
• Infused|Afii (Laura) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).
• Epsilon|Brick (Zangief) beat Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile).
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog).

Reason Gaming vs. Prophecy
• Prophecy|Vzurk (Laura) beat Reason|Vegedow (Vega).
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat Reason|Vegedow (Vega).
• Prophecy|Vzurk (Laura) beat Reason|CrossCounter (Karin).
• Reason|Undacova (Necalli) beat Prophecy|RMZ (Necalli).

Method vs. exceL eSports
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Method|KurtJC (M. Bison).
• exceL|Brickterium (Urien) beat Method|KurtJC (M. Bison).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Method|Cobelcog (Cammy).
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat exceL|Brian (Rashid).

Week 2 — Battle log

Team Infused vs. Team EnVyUS
• Infused|Rivarsal (Karin) beat EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma).
• Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog) beat EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li).
• Infused|Shakz (Cammy) beat EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega).

Reason Gaming vs. Method
• Method|KurtJC (M. Bison) beat Reason|CrossCounter (Karin).
• Method|Quiggy (Zangief) beat Reason|KingNashor (Laura).
• Reason|CrossCounter (Karin) beat Method|OldManGrump (Urien).
• Method|KurtJC (M. Bison) beat Reason|Zain23 (Ibuki).

exceL eSports vs. Epsilon eSports
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat exceL|Brickterium (Urien).
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat exceL|Brian (Rashid).
• exceL|Hurricane (Cammy) beat Epsilon|TomB (Cammy).
• exceL|Brickterium (Urien) beat Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid).
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat exceL|Brian (Rashid).

Prophecy vs. Endpoint
• Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura) beat Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura).
• Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega) beat Prophecy|RMZ (Balrog).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat Prophecy|RealMenace (Balrog).

Week 1 — Battle log

Team Infused vs. Prophecy
• Infused|Afii (Laura) beat Prophecy|Akainu (Guile)..
• Infused|Afii (Laura) beat Prophecy|Vzurk (Laura).
• Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) beat Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura).
• Prophecy|Akainu (Guile) beat Infused|Shakz (Cammy).

EnVyUS vs. exceL eSports
• exceL|Brian (Rashid) beat EnVyUS|Layo (Laura).
• exceL|Brian (Rashid) beat EnVyUS|JoKeRJoKeZ (Dhalsim).
• exceL|Infexious (Necalli) beat EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li).
• EnVyUS|Layo (Laura) beat exceL|Hurricane (Cammy).

Endpoint vs. Reason Gaming
• Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura) beat Reason|Vegedow (Vega).
• Reason|Zain23 (Ibuki) beat Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken)
• Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken) beat Reason|Undacova (Necalli).
• Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim) beat Reason|Vegedow (Vega)
• Reason|Zain23 (Ibuki) beat Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura).

Epsilon eSports vs. Method
• Method|Packz (Karin) beat Epsilon|Takamura (Ken).
• RB|Luffy (R. Mika) beat Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid).
• RB|Luffy (R. Mika) beat TomB (Cammy).
• Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid) beat Method|UK_OldManGrump (Urien)
• Epsilon|Takamura (Ken) beat Method|Packz (Karin).

Team Compositions

Team EnVyUS
- EnVyUS|Confz (Akuma)
- EnVyUS|Boltstrike (Vega)
- EnVyUS|TKR (Chun-Li)
- EnVyUS|Venom44 (M. Bison)
- EnVyUS|NassimClaw (Vega)
- EnVyUS|Layo (Laura)
- EnVyUS|JoKeRJoKeZ (Dhalsim)

Team Infused
- Infused|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile)
- Infused|Afii (Laura)
- Infused|Shakz (Cammy, Laura)
- Infused|GunSlinga (Balrog)
- Infused|Frozze
- Infused|Rivarsal (Karin)

- Prophecy|Akainu (Guile)
- Prophecy|RMZ (Balrog, Necalli)
- Prophecy|Shivryuken (Laura)
- Prophecy|Vzurk (Laura)
- Prophecy|RockShooter
- Prophecy|RealMenace (Balrog)

exceL eSports
- exceL|Infexious (Zangief, Necalli)
- exceL|Brian (Rashid)
- exceL|Hurricane (Cammy)
- exceL|DarkMoonHado (Cammy)
- exceL|Ninieru
- exceL|Brickterium (Urien)

- Method|Packz (Karin)
- Method|Cobelcog (Cammy)
- RB|Luffy (R. Mika)
- Method|KurtJC (M. Bison)
- Method|UK_OldManGrump (Urien)
- Method|Quiggy (Zangief)

Team Endpoint
- Endpoint|Broski (Dhalsim)
- Endpoint|GinoDaCampo (Laura)
- Endpoint|JeSTeRPoWeR (Vega)
- Endpoint|LavellUp
- Endpoint|GibbyGreatness
- Endpoint|JonesArcade (Ken)

Reason Gaming
- Reason|KingNashor (Laura)
- Reason|CrossCounter (Karin)
- Reason|Vegedow (Vega)
- Reason|Ephi
- Reason|Zain23 (Ibuki)
- Reason|Undacova (Necalli)

Epsilon eSports
- Epsilon|Takamura (Ken)
- Epsilon|Keftaroz (Rashid)
- Epsilon|Brick (Zangief)
- Epsilon|Atrosh (Birdie)
- Epsilon|TomB (Cammy)
- Epsilon|Yus-TTM (Akuma)

Event Schedule

Gameplay begins at 6PM local time (BST) every Friday.

Time Zone Conversion:
PST: Subtract 8 hours.
EST: Subtract 5 hours.
UTC: Subtract 1 hour.
CEST: Add 1 hour.
JST: Add 8 hours.

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