Last year's EVO champion feels Juri 'has no future' in Street Fighter 5

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 7, 2017 at 9:21 a.m. PDT

Seonwoo Lee, more commonly known as Razer's Infiltration in the fighting game community, is a big fan of Juri -- Street Fighter's maniacal Taekwondo practitioner. Recently, he shared his thoughts about her Street Fighter 5 Season 2.5 iteration, and well, said thoughts are not the best.

Responding to a question on Twitter asking if Juri is viable in the current state of the game, last year's Street Fighter 5 EVO champion provided a few words that said a whole lot. "I think she has no future," he explained, ending his message with a sad face emoticon.

He went on to say that Juri is in need of many tools, tools that would in-turn help her ascend the tier list and become a solid character capable of hanging with more of the fighters on the roster.

One of the main weaknesses Infiltration cites is Juri's lack of viable anti-air options. Outside of V-Trigger crouching heavy punch, her options feel limited, especially when up against dive kicks and air fireballs. "Unstable [anti] air moves makes her [a] weak character," Infiltration noted.

To further prove his claims, Infiltration recorded a couple of clips showing Juri's best anti-air options outright losing to air fireball and dive kick. The footage shows that both moves topple her main anti-air normals, and even blow through her EX up kicks.

Though one might think Juri's back + heavy kick is the right choice in these situations due to its vertical striking animation, Infiltration makes mention of how poor it actually is for these cases by sharing an image of the attack's hitbox. With a hitbox extending well in front of Juri and not so much above her, the chances of using it consistently as an anti-air aren't good.

Juri's back + heavy kick hitbox image #1
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What Infiltration would really like to see added to Juri is her counter special move from the Street Fighter 4 series. Using the various strengths of punches, Juri could perform the move, absorb a hit, and quickly travel to different spots on screen in order to dish out an attack of her own or escape danger.

It is clear that despite his love for the character, Infiltration just doesn't feel Juri is worth playing exclusively in tournament. As such, we have been seeing him run a handful of other characters competitively, including Karin and his Season 1 main, Nash, who he placed 33rd with at EVO this year.

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We're closing in fast on the end of the year, and with the likely reveal of a Street Fighter 5 Season 3 we could only imagine more balance changes are on the way. Perhaps she will receive the much-needed buffs Infiltration and other Juri players are hoping for, but only time will tell.

Photo credit - Chris Bahn. Sent in anonymously.

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