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Prominent PC modders reportedly receive DMCA Takedown notice from Capcom for paywalled Street Fighter 5 mods

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 3, 2017 at 1:04 p.m. PDT • Comments: 107

Two of the most recognizable PC modders in the fighting game community are scaling operations after receiving DMCA Takedown notices issued by Capcom. According to one of the persons involved, these notices were handed down by Patreon due to their mod-focused pages on the membership platform.

A DMCA Takedown occurs when content is removed from a website at the request of the original content / copyright owner. This is an established internet standard followed by website owners and internet service providers.

A post from Khaledantar666, one of the aforementioned PC modders, explains that both they and BrutalAce were issued the notice. The message notes that Khaledantar666's Patreon creator page would be taken down within 48 hours (of the time it was written), and we can see that it is no longer available.

"The DMCA notice was issued because Capcom is stating that we (modders) are using copyrighted materials to make our mods and earn something from our work," Khaledantar666's statement reads. He goes on to say that though activity on Patreon will cease, they will continue to create mods and operate on their various other channels.

At this time, it appears that Capcom is only targeting mods that are locked behind a paywall. We have reached out to Capcom for comment on the matter and are currently awaiting a response.

BrutalAce also posted a going away message on Patreon yesterday morning, but cites different reasons for the hiatus. "I just wanted to say that I am going to quit releasing mods for unknown amount of time," BrutalAce wrote. "I know it's not the best decision but one can only face that much hate and salt."

The message continues, stating that misconceptions and negative feedback from the Reddit community, as well as a ban from ZetaBoards -- a forum with a devoted community of PC modders / discussion -- have attributed heavily to the indefinite break.

Below are some examples of the modders' work from the PC Best Mods YouTube channel.

Sent in by skyrimer and Jintsuriki.

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