Conflicting reports have us unsure of charge and half-circle inputs' existence in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • April 29, 2017 at 4:34 p.m. PDT

Update: GameSpot has reported that there actually are charge and half circle motions within Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. This differs from what we previously heard from Gameinformer.

Specifically, Gamespot mentioned that Hulk had a charge motion, Morrigan had a half circle motion, and Chun-Li may or may not have both quarter circle and charge motions.

We recently learned that while there will be down, down inputs for some specials, the original dragon punch motion is still in effect for characters like Ryu. This apparently isn't the only change of inputs for moves.

According to Gameinformer, there are no half circle motions or charge motions in the game for any of the announced characters. GameSpot, however, have stated that these type of moves do exist with the current cast of characters.

In UMvC3, Chun-Li's fireball was performed by doing a half circle forward motion rather than a charge motion. It's currently unclear what motion the move uses in MvCI as of right now.
What about Chun-Li's lightning legs? Will it require the player to mash the attack button or will it be a quarter circle motion like in Street Fighter 5?

Neither site mentioned this move specifically. GameSpot only mentioned Chun-Li has having charge and quarter circle motions for specials, so this lends to the possibility that it will be similar to SF5.

Ideally, the reasoning behind reducing the number of charge and half circle motions would be to make the controls simpler. Quarter circle motions tend to be viewed as being easier than half circle and charge motions, after all.

Honestly though, the inputs for moves in Marvel vs. Capcom series have always been a little simpler than the Street Fighter series.

Performing super attacks in MvC, for example, only requires one motion plus multiple buttons pressed at the same time whereas the Street Fighter series typically requires a motion to be inputted twice for a super.

We won't know for sure if these inputs exist until more information drops or we try the game out ourselves. Stay tuned here at EventHubs as we'll have the latest update as soon as it surfaces.

Source: Gameinformer, GameSpot.

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