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Ed confirmed as Street Fighter 5's next DLC fighter

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • April 25, 2017 at 12:27 p.m. PDT • Comments: 272

It looks like the PlayStation Store has revealed some huge news pertaining to Street Fighter 5's upcoming content.

According to the site's description of the latest season pass, Ed is the game's next DLC character. It notes that Akuma, Kolin, and Ed are the first three DLC fighters in Season 2 and three brand new fighters are still coming throughout the year.

Check out the description below.

PlayStation Store reveals upcoming Street Fighter 5 content image #1
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The PS Store description notes that Ed is currently available, but as we all know Capcom has delayed the release of the next character, balance changes, and CFN update.

This leads us to believe that the site was still anticipating a release at the end of this month.

Ed Gallery image #1 Ed Gallery image #2 Ed Gallery image #3 Ed Gallery image #4
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CFN's Details about Ed

This guy might've piqued your interest, no?

He's the youngster who was working together with Balrog. He's got quite the mysterious aura about him.

Basic info

Name: Ed
Height: 167cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: 3rd of September
Country of origin: Unknown
Likes: Billiards
Dislikes: Idealistic people


He was captured by S.I.N and planned to be used as a potential spare body for M. Bison.

After Seth was defeated, Master Balrog saved him from the collapsing laboratory.

Though it's only in fairly small doses, he is capable of emitting Psycho Power.

Correction: This article originally reported that three additional characters were coming after the initial six Season 2 fighters. This was a mix up on my behalf and I have since edited the story to more accurately reflect the PS Store description.

Thanks to NewWorldOrderZx for the heads up. Also sent in by Jennz, ProtoManny, UhDewSea, Realdarkphoenix, and FantasticMrFox. Translations made by MajinTenshinhan.
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