'Still to-be-announced' content is coming to Street Fighter 5 at the end of April, let's discuss what it could be

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • April 19, 2017 at 4:09 p.m. PDT

Early this morning, Capcom released a blog post containing information on Street Fighter 5's upcoming content. Ultimately, the community was given a rather hard pill to swallow when we learned that the CFN update, Season 2's next DLC character, and the balance changes -- which were originally scheduled to be released at the end of this month -- have been delayed.

However, the blog entry was not all doom and gloom. One thing some fans may have missed among the excitement sat at the very end of the post: "There is still to-be-announced content coming to Street Fighter 5 at the end of April."

Though the main focus right now is on the next character, balance changes, and the CFN, Street Fighter 5 still has some interesting things potentially in the works that we could see at the end of the month.

We haven't heard much about Ibuki and Alex's nostalgia costumes since they were first revealed back in July of last year, but that doesn't mean fans have forgotten about them. In fact, these alternate looks were announced alongside the Thailand remastered stage, which we now know is set for release on April 25th.

This could be a sign that these special nostalgia costumes are also on their way this month.

Nostalgia costumes image #1 Nostalgia costumes image #2 Nostalgia costumes image #3
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Over the past few months, we have seen several signs of a potential update to Street Fighter 5's combo trials; whether that's an update to the current combos or a complete second set of new sequences for fans to complete is unknown.

Through datamining, X-Kira allegedly found new trials recently that seem to point in the direction of updated combos. The findings included sequences updated with the Season 2 changes for all 24 of the current playable characters.

Video source: X-Kira

Speaking of game modes, fans are still awaiting the arrival of a proper Arcade Mode. Being able to battle through progressively difficult opponents until ultimately defeating the boss is something that most players expected to see on launch day back in February 2016.

Though Capcom has acknowledged the absence of this mode in the past, it remains unseen. The end of April would be as good a time as any to add it to Street Fighter 5, I'd say.

What do you think the "still to-be-announced" content might entail? Let us know in the comments.
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