Here are the poll results for who our readers are hoping for and expecting as the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • April 22, 2017 at 11:19 a.m. PDT

Update: The results are in! Hit the jump below to check them out.

Earlier: So it was recently announced that the 3rd character of Season 2 is, unfortunately, being delayed beyond the end of April. Despite this, it was promised that "the identity of the new character will be revealed soon," according to Capcom.

When the silhouettes for the Season 2 cast were first shown, everybody was pretty convinced that Kolin was the second character. This ended up being an accurate form of speculation.

This third character, however, is not quite as clear as Kolin. The community does have a few guesses on who it might be, however.

Here, we shall review some of the speculation that the community has come up with.

Byron Taylor

A while back, it was perceived that Bill Rogers, the voice actor for Urien, may have accidentally leaked Byron Taylor as a playable character. Since then, Bill has stated that it wasn't actually a leak and he was instead referencing Taylor's appearance in Kolin's prologue ending.

Regardless, we should remain skeptical until the character is officially announced.

What is interesting about the whole thing is that they specifically brought back Dave Fenoy to speak Taylor's lines at the end of Kolin's prologue. A lot of fans took Taylor's sudden appearance as a hint to his inclusion as a DLC character.

It should be noted that Taylor doesn't fit into the silhouette as well as the other characters, at least not in my eyes. This works to the detriment of the possibility.


OK. Let's review here.

Akuma performs the Raging Demon on Gouken and kills him. Gouken is later revived and becomes a playable character in Street Fighter 4.

M. Bison is killed by Akuma and takes his place as the final boss of Street Fighter 2. M. Bison returns in later titles despite this.

The Raging Demon is performed on Gen. He somehow survives this attack.

Essentially, what this comes down to is that Akuma is... not exactly the most efficient assassin. This makes Goutetsu's chances of becoming a playable character in the future to be, at least, greater than zero.

Some fans have noted that the next silhouette does resemble Goutetsu's profile, somewhat. In particular, there does appear to be some sort of "stick" that this character is holding that also appears in the silhouette.

Won Won

Similar to Goutetsu, this character's profile looks like it could fit into the silhouette. In particular, the silhouette looks like it is holding a blade or cleaver of some sort.

If Won Won does end up being the character to join the roster next, then that would make him the first Final Fight character introduced to Street Fighter 5. This would be before characters like Cody, Guy, Poison, Hugo, and Rolento.

That might be a big risk, but Won Won is likely to offer a playstyle that would be very unique.

Honestly, there isn't much to go on aside from the similar appearance to the silhouette, just like Goutetsu. Of course, it's pretty much the only thing we have to speculate on, officially.

Of course, these do not exhaust all of the possibilities of who we might see as the next DLC character. These are just a few of the possibilities that have been going around.

Which character do you expect to see? Which characters do you want to see?

I've created polls for both of these questions. Please note that you can only vote once for the expectations poll, but you can vote up to three times for who you want to see as the next DLC character.

Which character do you EXPECT to see as the next DLC character for SFV?

1. Somebody else: 327 votes / 46.3%
2. Taylor Byron: 238 votes / 33.7%
3. Goutetsu: 94 votes / 13.3%
4. Won Won: 47 votes / 6.7%

Total votes: 706

Voting has closed

Which character do you WANT to see as the next DLC character for SFV?

1. Somebody else: 459 votes / 59.5%
2. Goutetsu: 188 votes / 24.4%
3. Taylor Byron: 63 votes / 8.2%
4. Won Won: 62 votes / 8.0%

Total votes: 772

Voting has closed

Source: Capcom Unity.
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