When did everyone start playing Ibuki? There are already seven in top 64 at NCR with eight more pools yet to play out

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 15, 2017 at 4:34 p.m. PDT

Ibuki has gone from a character somewhat seldom seen in tournament to easily the most popular fighter from the pools played out thus far at NorCal Regionals.

The young ninja has appeared no less than seven times today in the top 64 bracket, and we've only seen about half the tournament's pools play out. We're leaning towards blaming RZR|Xian and his stellar performance at Final Round 20 last month wherein he revealed just how fun and exciting of a character Ibuki can be in Street Fighter 5.

Here's a reminder of just how hype things got:

It seems now players from all over the skill spectrum are trying their hand with Ibuki, either using her as a main character or as a pocket pick to help with certain match ups.
At this point we have record of the following players using her: CO|Go1 (winners), FOX|Momochi (winners), OG Shine (losers), YouDeal|Yukadon (losers), Rise|Marn (33rd), Sgt. Slap a *** (49th) and HB|YLT Cole (49th).

Ibuki is not necessarily the easiest character to play given her relatively technical nature and below average health, yet it seems a good portion of the community is trying their hand at her. Will this sudden boom in popularity become a norm in SF5 tournaments, or do you think we'll see Ibuki army dwindle after a short while?

Let us know your thoughts as to why she's suddenly so common and how long you think she'll be that way in the comments below. Check out our NCR coverage page for live results.
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