New anti-hacking measures cause issues for PC players, Capcom blog offers workaround

Posted by Tony 'grumblebundle' Moore • September 23, 2016 at 11:09 a.m. PDT | Comments: 96

As you may know, yesterday's update to Street Fighter 5 came with some anti-cheat measures. Seeing Capcom take steps to prevent people from cheating should come as no surprise, but unfortunately those steps left a portion of the PC playerbase unable to load the game.

The new patch introduced a driver intending to prevent the game from being hacked while offline through a "handshake" feature that requires players to click-confirm each time they load the game. For some, this new driver breaks the game.

According to the Capcom Unity blog, the new anti-cheat system prevents memory access in certain ways, and is possibly creating a false positive with antivirus software, or Windows Defender.
If you're having trouble launching the game, the solution could be as simple as adding Street Fighter 5 to the exceptions list on your antivirus software. Capcom's recent blogpost also has a couple of other suggestions that could help get the game up and running again.

You can check out an exerpt from the blogpost with their workaround for the issue below:

PC Error fix

• Add StreetFighterV.exe to the antivirus exception list.
• Add StreetFighterV.exe to the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) exception. More info on DEP here[].
• If the game still fails to launch after disabling DEP, the problem lies elsewhere such as the aforementioned antivirus software false-positive situation. Turn on DEP again and continue troubleshooting.
Source: Capcom Unity. Submitted by SpoonyBard37, DustinFong, and synce.
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