Ingrid possesses a unique power and a heavy fate - Does her untold story from Capcom Fighting All-Stars fit into the Street Fighter storyline?

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Lately on the CFN Portal, we've gotten a few stories centering on the characters who were to be introduced in the unreleased Capcom Fighting All-Stars.

Contrary to the other two, Ingrid actually did end up participating in some of Capcom's games - Capcom Fighting Jam as well as the last versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3, which effectively makes her a part of the Street Fighter universe. Get a glimpse of her below.

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This is the "Eternal Ray", Ingrid, who was supposed to appear in our dream title Capcom Fighting All-Stars.

Basic info

Name: Ingrid
Height: 152cm
Weight: 39kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Country of origin: Unknown
Likes: Fruit parfait
Dislikes: Boredom, electromagnetic waves


A "Code Holder" who was spontaneously activated on her own, through something called "Natural Code".

A woman of many mysteries who possesses a unique power and a heavy fate.

She fights in a style that makes fun of her opponent, through using her mystical powers and small stature.

She has symbols which contain the sun, a bull's horn, a leaf and the eye of Isis within them.

She seems to have a deep connection with fellow "Code Holder" Death...


- Sun Shoot
A projectile which moves in a parabola arc

- Sun Upper
A move which generates a crest in front of her

- Sun Rise
She rushes in and does revolving high kick

- Sun Shine
Several revolving kicks in a row

- Sun Delta
She encases her opponent in a pyramid-shaped field and unleashes several attacks

- Sun Octopus
She creates three copies of herself and Izuna Drops her opponent (the name is because including her copies, they have 8 legs together)

Feels pretty out-of-place for someone who looks so young and trendy.

All translations in this story were made by me, Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor.

Source: CFN Portal.
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