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Capcom Pro Tour Latin America Regional Finals Last Chance Qualifier results ft. Keoma, BabyBrasil

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • October 29, 2016 at 3:21 p.m. PDT • Comments: 16

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The last chance qualifier for the Latin American portion of the Capcom Pro Tour Regional Finals is upon us, with the 16-man final bracket taking place on Wednesday, November 2nd.

This will be a full day event where the top 2 placers join the Capcom Pro Tour Latin America Regional Finals alongside FCBR|RobKOF, Brook|Misterio, EVB|Chris Tatarian, EG|K-Brad, Ericke Piquet da S. Maciel, Kusanagi, Will2Pac, DM|Baek, SOA|Brolynho, GAM|DR Ray, MJ|Gama, SP|Crossover, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa and SFT|Dark817.

Streaming is being done via X Revolution.
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Street Fighter 5 — Results

1. Innova|Keoma (Karin)
2. SFT|Dark817 (Alex)
3. AAG|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim)
4. DM|Baek (Nash)
5. Tubarao (Necalli)
5. ChanchoKay (Laura)
7. NFMS|Rens (Necalli, Ryu)
7. AAG|Pr3da (Urien)

9. AAG|MrCodi (Necalli)
9. Paulow3b (Laura)
9. Boss|PauloSP (Cammy)
9. Chocotone (Urien)
13. Maijé
13. Z4HKdesh
13. PATOZ|Xitao (Rashid)
13. SFT|Fabinho (Zangief)

Street Fighter 5 — Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, first set: Innova|Keoma (Karin) eliminated SFT|Dark817 (Alex) 3-0.

• Losers finals: SFT|Dark817 (Alex) eliminated AAG|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim) 3-1.

• Losers semi-finals: SFT|Dark817 (Alex) eliminated DM|Baek (Nash) 3-1.

• Winners finals: Innova|Keoma (Karin) beat AAG|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim) 3-1.

• DM|Baek (Nash) eliminated Tubarao (Necalli) 3-0.

• SFT|Dark817 (Alex) eliminated ChanchoKay (Laura) 3-2.

• Winners semi-finals: Innova|Keoma (Karin) beat DM|Baek (Nash) 3-2.

• Winners semi-finals: AAG|DidimoKOF (Dhalsim) beat SFT|Dark817 (Alex) 3-0.

• Tubarao (Necalli) eliminated NFMS|Rens (Necalli) 3-2.

• ChanchoKay (Laura) eliminated AAG|Pr3da (Urien) 3-0.

Stream Archives

Part 1, Part 2.

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