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We think Capcom may add two more characters to Street Fighter 5 before season 2; here's who we feel might make the cut

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 26, 2016 at 3:27 p.m. PDT • Comments: 137

Capcom originally stated that this season of Street Fighter 5 will see six DLC characters added post-launch. As of late September, all six officially joined the roster.

But we've seen a couple of things this week that make us believe that there's more to come in 2016.

The most interesting is the two extra character slots found in files of Street Fighter 5's ver. 1.10 patch. While some might think this is simply Capcom preparing for season 2, we think it's just a little too peculiar for that to be happening this early, especially when we know we'll be seeing a patch at the end of the year.

Editor's note: This article is merely speculation based on recent events, so please do not take this as confirmation.

With that having been said, if Capcom does actually surprise fans with two more DLC characters this year, here's who we think have the best chances of being added.

Steven's pick: Eisbahn

I won't go too much into detail about Eisbahn here as we reported what we know and think earlier this week. But adding the first brand new DLC fighter at the end of the year would be a great way to close out the year.

As previously stated, the "Winter 2016" date on the poster is just too specific and interesting to be something randomly thought up. Knowing that we're going to see a balance patch this year after Capcom Cup, it would be the perfect time to throw in a new fighter.

With Street Fighter 5's first wave of DLC characters being solely fan-favorite returning fighters, and the good reception the game's original fighters have received, it seems like it's about time for another brand new world warrior.

It's also worth mentioning that Street Fighter 5's last DLC fighter was released back in September, meaning Capcom will have had more than enough time to get more characters up and running by the time December rolls around.

Nick's pick: Akuma

The one character that seems to be a mystery to everyone as to why they aren't in Street Fighter 5 is Akuma.

Akuma is one of only four characters who made the return in the Street Fighter 3 series from Street Fighter 2, alongside Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li, and he came in 3rd in Capcom's official "who do you want in Street Fighter 5" poll, so it's very clear that the requests are there.

With Akuma being a huge player both storywise, with his connection to Ryu, and popularitywise, as one of the ultimate faces of Street Fighter, he's a natural addition to any Street Fighter game, or indeed, any Capcom game.

Ever since the Season 1 DLC roster was leaked to us, I've been convinced that Akuma will be released a secret surprise at some point during 2016, and if these added slots do mean we're getting something before next year, I just can't imagine it not being Akuma.

Steven's pick: Sagat

Sagat is one of the original Shadaloo big dogs, and he is the only one of the main four who isn't currently playable in Street Fighter 5.

Denying this character's popularity is impossible, as he's been a staple since the first Street Fighter title that ever existed. Not to mention his competitive streak throughout Street Fighter 4, with players such as RB|Bonchan, Ryan Hart, Santaroman, Sanford Kelly, and more putting him on the map.

We know that Sagat is still on Capcom's minds as we see his head statue appear in the background of the Lair of the Four Kings among his Shadaloo brethren during F.A.N.G's character story.

If Capcom is actually adding two more fighters to the roster this year, it would make sense to balance things out by releasing a popular Street Fighter mainstay alongside a brand new fighter to draw people in.

Nick's pick: Ed

A character who turned a lot of heads once the cinematic story mode was released (and some even before then) was Balrog's little buddy, the Psycho Power-enforced Ed.

Considering what ended up happening to M. Bison in the story mode, his ominous smile towards the end, and his history of switching between various host bodies, it seems likely that Ed would be an important potential player further down the line in the Street Fighter mythos.

I'd be surprised if a character Capcom put so much time into establishing, as far back as Street Fighter 4, is going to end up being a completely dead end, so if Capcom are going to throw a surprise our way, I'd imagine Ed to be the most likely candidate if we're looking at brand new fighters.

Do you think we'll see more characters before season 2? If so, who do you believe has the best chance of being added?

Let us know in the comments below.
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