'I feel like Mega Man still have a lot to learn vs. Mario' - Ally on the Mario vs. Mega Man match up in part two of the interview

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 13, 2016 at 11:04 a.m. PST | Comments: 3

This is the second part out of two parts of our interview with Elliot "Ally" Carroza. You can find the first part of our interview with him here.

Last time we talked about where he thought Mario would end up in a tier list and which characters would be ranked higher than him. He also talked about Mario's strengths and weaknesses as a character.

This time, we'll be talking about Mario's match ups with Ally. We also talk to him about how confident he was feeling about winning EVO 2016 and how he rates his chances at winning EVO 2017.
AdaptiveTrigger: What are Mario's best relevant match ups in the tournament scene?

Ally: Anyone who plays close-combat is generally good for Mario, characters like Diddy, Pikachu, Ness are good examples.

AdaptiveTrigger: What are Mario's bad match ups?

Ally: In my opinion, Corrin, Sonic, Cloud, and Mewtwo are his worst.

AdaptiveTrigger: Any thoughts on the Mario vs. Mega Man match up? Mega Man players tend to say that Mario and Sheik are among his worst match ups.

Ally: I thought it was pretty easy for Mario but I've been playing another Mega Man player who has been going even against me. I feel like Mega Man still have a lot to learn vs Mario.

AdaptiveTrigger: Who is the Mega Man player that's been going even with you?

Ally: His tag is Smasher1001. Hes a Mario/Mega Man user from Michigan lol. I play him all the time.

AdaptiveTrigger: Why do you think other Mega Man players have difficulties with the match up? Is there anything in particular that Smasher1001 does with Mega Man that you think other Mega Man players don't in regards to the Mario match up?

Ally: Smasher1001 plays Mario so he knows how to approach him and space around him, he always brings me to last hit but I always clutch it out.

AdaptiveTrigger: Ah, so he understands how Mario works, because he plays him?

Ally: Basically, yeah. It made me wonder if other Mega Man players aren't good vs Mario.

AdaptiveTrigger: Do you have or plan on getting a secondary that covers Mario's bad match ups? Which characters do you think does this best?

Ally: I'm thinking of having my Diddy Kong back online and with practice, I think he covers most of Mario bad MUs. And maybe Cloud.

AdaptiveTrigger: Do you see yourself ever replacing your main Mario with a stronger character?

Ally: No, Mario has been my Smash 4 go to character.

AdaptiveTrigger: How confident were you about winning EVO 2016?

Ally: Not very, I had rough opponents who beat me in the past a ton (Dabuz beat me pretty much every time we fought) and Abadango had beaten me pretty badly at Pound 5. After getting to Winners Finals I thought I was going to win though.

AdaptiveTrigger: This is a ways off, but how confident are you about winning EVO 2017 as of this moment?

Ally: I say it's all about the bracket, but if I end up having a solid secondary, I could take it or at least do super well, only time and practice will tell!
A big special thanks to Ally for taking the time to speak with us. If you want to see more from Ally, be sure to follow him on his Twitter account.

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