The best Urien in the business? RB's performance at Battlegrounds reveals a Urien unlike one we've ever seen before

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 6, 2016 at 3:44 p.m. PST

There's been plenty to talk about when it comes to this weekend's Red Bull Battlegrounds North American Regional Finals, but RB and his unrelenting Urien have commanded our attention with instance after breathtaking instance of top tier play.

We knew the character's potential ran deep, but seeing RB's fleshed out usage of Aegis resets, combos and set ups has brought about an all new light on Street Fighter 5's Urien.

You'd do best to go back and watch the archives with RB's matches, but we've collected a handful of moments to help highlight what we mean when we say his Urien is groundbreaking.

We kick things off with this sequence against BST|Daigo that features it all: combos, traps, resets, mix ups and all out devastation:

Click image for animated version

It's sequences like the one below that instill that feeling of "no escape" that BR's offensive onslaughts inspire. As RB|Bonchan tries his best to flail and squirm his way out of RB's reach, he finds all of his options are absolutely shut down.

Though Aegis Reflector mix ups are Urien's modus operandi, RB doesn't always need them to lock down opponents. Watch as he nails headbutt after headbutt while Bonchan fights fruitlessly for breathing room:

The next pair of highlights show just how much damage Urien is capable of. The first depicts what RB can do with a good old fashioned combo, the second shows what he can do with just one reset tacked on:

We'll let Bonchan off the hook with this last bit. Daigo finds himself at the wrong end of a pair of normal throws, that when paired with Aegis bounces, result in a decimated life bar:

What do you think of RB's Urien? Does he have any competition, or is he the best in the business right now? Offer up your thoughts and reactions in the comments below.
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