Street Fighter 5 developers almost made this Zombie costume series, and it still may happen

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 14, 2016 at 12:57 p.m. PDT

We're all still pretty excited to see the rest of the Street Fighter 5 DLC characters drop, and we also still haven't forgotten about the Cinematic Story Mode that's coming next month, but regardless of major new content on the horizon, we're always hype for new costumes.

Capcom Fighters Network Portal recently disclosed some information on some scrapped zombie costumes for Street Fighter 5. The term "scrapped" may be somewhat inaccurate however, as developer commentary makes it sound like there's still quite a bit of potential we'll see these come to fruition.

"These aren't necessarily entirely discarded, so you might actually see them in the game at some point... Even though we ended up dropping these, if the reception is good, we might end up reviving them after all (as zombies, of course)."

You can see the gallery here, and then developer descriptions of each character's zombified appearance below.

Zombiefied Five image #1 Zombiefied Five image #2 Zombiefied Five image #3 Zombiefied Five image #4 Zombiefied Five image #5 Zombiefied Five image #6
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Even though he's a zombie, his skull decoration is still in perfect condition. Too scary. His stretchy punches just might cause his limbs to fall off... That's scary! It makes me hide my head in my arms in agonizing terror.


He's huge. If this type of Zangief came at you with a Siberian Express, it kind of changes the whole genre of the game. In that sense, this is more than just an alternate costume.

M. Bison

Even M. Bison became a zombie! Does that mean all of us Shadaloo soldiers are also zombies, now?! That feels kind of like a movie plot. "The undying army of Shadaloo", or something.


The color of her skin is intense. When you become a zombie, your body changes color, right? Maybe it's because of your blood circulation becoming worse. Well, even though she's a zombie, she's still pretty cute, huh?


She's still totally Chun-Li. Stretching her hand forward, she goes "Give me that Strawberry crêpe, please". There's no mistaking it. Strawberry sauce might still be red, but a zombie's blood can't be.

Would you like to see an SF5 zombie pack? Let us know what you think of the images in the comments section.

Translated from Japanese by Event Hubs' Nick "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor.

Source: CFN Portal. Sent in by ImaPlayThis.
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