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So, it's definitely not Balrog... Mysterious character in Street Fighter 5's story mode trailer and Air Force stage is actually Guile's boss

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 11, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. PDT • Comments: 71

When Street Fighter 5's story mode expansion trailer first hit, we caught a glimpse of a strange character that some believe might be Balrog. We saw this character reemerge in the background of the new Air Force Base remake stage this past month.

This morning, we learned the true identity of this character. The CFN Portal column posted a bio detailing who this character is, and thanks to the translation of our very own MajinTenshinhan, we learn that his name is Byron Tailor.

Taylor is a general in the Air Force and is actually Guile's boss, and naturally, he hates Shadaloo.

Byron Taylor in Street Fighter 5 image #1
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You can find more detailed information about Byron after the jump.

Basic info

Name: Byron Taylor

Height: 6'5" (196cm)
Weight: 225lbs (102kg)
Blood Type: A
Birthday: September 3rd
Nationality: American
Likes: Work, Sports
Dislikes: Shadaloo

More notes

• An American Air Force General, and Guile's boss.

• He's originally from Texas.

• He is very strict when it comes to work.

• He's an expert in Commando Sambo.

• Because of him always putting his work first, his home life is in some disarray.

• He owns a small airplane for personal use.

• He owns five bulldogs and is very much a dog lover.

Source: CFN Portal. Mentioned by ImaPlayThis.
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