Snake Eyez's Zangief is terrifying, an unbelievably hype time out, and Poongko's heartbreaking critical art whiff: Final Round 19 highlights

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 20, 2016 at 7:54 p.m. PDT | Comments: 78

Final Round 19 has concluded. This event marked the first stop on the Capcom Pro Tour 2016, and as expected, there were some truly epic moments to behold.

So, tonight we'd like to share with you some of our favorite moments from this weekend's action.

Xian's F.A.N.G pressure

RZR|Xian put on one hell of a performance using one of the more unorthodox characters on the Street Fighter 5 roster -- F.A.N.G.

In his match against Qanba|Xiaohai, he showcased some very impressive pressure strings.

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XSK Samurai lets go of the controller

Sometimes you're so confident that you know your opponent's next move that you're willing to let go the controller and literally do nothing for a few seconds.

MC|XSK Samurai experienced this when battling against TSS|DJ Malady. Walking into the perfect range to make Karin's crouching heavy kick whiff, then standing there motionless as it does is pretty ballsy and equally as awesome.

By the skin of her knee

CR|Frosti makes out highlights tonight because of his outstanding spacing. Whether this was an intentional move or not, watch as he dodges Laura's projectile by a pixel.

You can see the leap of faith in slow-mo below.

Poongko misses his chip attempt

One of the most heartbreaking moments we saw today came about in the match between r/kappa|Poongko and EG|PR Balrog.

In the final game of their set, Poongko looked to secure the first round and gain the lead. Attempting a critical art chip out victory, the super whiffed completely, leaving him susceptible to PR 'Rog's own critical art combo.

After the big miss, Poongko seemingly couldn't recover. He went on to lose the next round and game to PR Balrog's stomp pressure and great reads.

Snake Eyez's incredible Zangief

RB|Snake Eyez always puts on a show, and this weekend was no exception.

Watch as he makes amazing read after amazing read against PR Balrog.

Nando's R. Mika corner control

PH|Nando showed us exactly why R. Mika can be terrifying once she gets you cornered. Even when she misses her critical art, you're not safe...

Take the poison!

Despite Mortal Kombat X being his main game, cR|SonicFox showed that he is very much a real contender in Street Fighter 5.

Our favorite moment from his set with Liquid|NuckleDu had to be when SonicFox's F.A.N.G used EX Dash behind his poison projectiles to advance on Du's Nash. The poison managed to stop both of Nash's EX Sonic Booms and SonicFox was able to convert into a big combo for the win.

An unbelievable time out

Last, but not least, we have EG|Justin Wong vs. MJS|Haitani.

This set was incredibly exciting, but the final moment of the last game was surely the most hype. Watch as these two players scramble to secure the win as the clock winds down.

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