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Pokken Tournament early access finals results ft. Justin Wong, Nairo, Esam, Rip

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 17, 2016 at 5:32 p.m. PDT • Comments: 21

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Pokken Tournament early access finals are currently live.

This pre-launch event will be host to tons of great tournament-level action. Broken up into two divisions -- one for people born in the year 2000 or earlier and the other for people born 2001 or later -- we will surely see a myriad of exciting Pokken Tournament footage today.

Additionally, EG|Justin Wong, Liquid|Nairo, PG|Esam, Tempo|Rip, NYCFab, Tasty Steve, iQHQ|DKWill and Justin Flynn are all in attendance as coaches. Each of these players will compete in a masters exhibition later on in the day, so be sure to tune in.

You'll find the live video feed after the jump.

Pokkén Tournament: Trainers Tournament — Results

1. EG|Justin Wong (Weavile)
2. Rip (Pikachu)
3. NYCFab (Sceptile, Charizard)
3. Liquid|Nairo (Mewtwo)
5. iQHQ|DKWill (Machamp)
5. Tasty Steve (Blaziken)
5. Justin Flynn (Gengar, Shadow Mewtwo)
5. PG|Esam (Pikachu Libre)

Pokkén Tournament: Masters Division — Results

1. Jeffrey Frias (Weavile)
2. Tevin Jalil Stokes (Charizard)
3. Broderick Noyes (Gardevoir)
3. Jessie A. Babineau (Charizard)
5. Nicholas Clifford Day
5. Julian J. Montejano (Machamp)
5. Ivan J. Rivera
5. David Todd Bristol (Pikachu)

Note: This division was for entrants born 2000 or earlier.

Pokkén Tournament: Senior Division — Results

1. Wayland K. Lindsay (Blaziken)
2. Cayden Kuepker (Sceptile)
3. Kai Christopher Tang (Pikachu)
3. Zaid Ahmed Khan (Garchomp)
5. Dylan M. Salvanera (Garchomp)
5. Munir Aldaqdaq (Blaziken)
5. Cameron Scott Olson (Pikachu)
5. Ayame R. Gamboa (Blaziken)

Note: This division was for entrants born 2001 or later.

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Stream Archive

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