Capcom heavily docking League Points for Street Fighter 5 rage quitters, March update news coming next week

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 4, 2016 at 1:18 p.m. PST

The latest Street Fighter 5 post-launch status update is now live on Capcom Unity. In it, Haunts addresses the rage quitting issue, the March update, and more.

Rage quitters have been plaguing Street Fighter 5 since launch. Disconnecting prematurely to avoid a loss was met with no consequences, until now.

Capcom asked players to send in video proof of rage quitters to help identify the culprits, and because of the community's help, they can now pinpoint offenders without the need for footage. Going forward, players with unusually high win rates and high disconnect percentages will be punished weekly.

Haunts notes that only players with disconnect rates in the 80 - 90% range will be targeted, so if you have a few accidental disconnects, you should be fine.
The penalty for excessive rage quitting will be a severe drop in League Points. Last week, Capcom served roughly 30 players with this punishment, so if you notice that your LP and rank have dropped significantly over night, be wary.

A permanent solution to rage quitters is still in the works, but there is no ETA at the moment.

Also, those awaiting information on Alex and the March update can rest easier today. According to today's blog entry, we will be seeing major news on this next week detailing what modes are going to be released, additional bug fixes, and more.

Below are some more notes from today's blog.

Required Ports for Street Fighter 5

For those of you who are having issues connecting to our servers, Capcom Japan has released another tip that may help some users. We wanted to share that with you today.

They recommend checking and seeing if these remote ports are allowed on your router and PC as it could help with logging into our servers.

• TCP: 80, 443, 20002, 30840, 30850, 30870

• UDP: 30840-30859, 30870-30879

Current server fixes

• An issue where some users could not be found in Rival Search is now resolved.

• Fixed an issue with players being disconnected immediately after creating a Battle Lounge.

Additional known issues

• Users with “-“ and “_” in their Fighter ID can’t be searched.

• If you get disconnected while making a Fighter ID, your Fighter ID will be either your PSN or Steam ID.

• Fighter Profile data is currently not populating with information. This will come at a later date.

Source: Capcom Unity. Mentioned by SPFC_Wyd and LeonX.
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