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Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods bring professional wrestling to the FGC in a way we've never experienced

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 25, 2016 at 6:04 p.m. PDT • Comments: 49

These two professional wrestlers have been feuding for a while now, and today at CEO 2016, they finally clashed.

WWE's Xavier Woods and JPW's Kenny Omega locked horns today, not in the squared circle, but on the sticks as they played a first to five exhibition at CEO in Orlando.

The two entertainers put on a full show for audiences, as they trash talked each other before and throughout their set in true pro wrestling fashion. The first aggressor was Omega, who pulled a Nature Boy handshake to incite the bout.

Click image for animated version

Taking an early lead, Kenny Omega found himself in a pretty comfortable position. He even stopped the whole set to claim to "Babe Ruth call" the ending. He claimed he'd take every one of the last rounds, not allowing his foe a single victory.

Though he had the chance to finish the set, he would instead let Woods mash out of his stun. This was surely the epitome of Kenny's taunt game.

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"Sometimes when you taunt, you're the sickest guy in the world... and sometimes when you taunt, you have to do a lap of shame around the arcade." Ultradavid's words when Woods turned the whole match around.

He took the opportunity to get an extended gloat session in, as you can see below.

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These two brought the magic of pro wrestling to the fighting game community in a way we've never seen before. When we look back on FGC history, this very well could be a moment remembered for quite some time.

You can see the full exhibition by heading over to the Capcom Fighters archive.
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