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Daigo unsure if Street Fighter 5 will still be played next year; says he's not ready for EVO, focusing more on Capcom Cup

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 23, 2016 at 3:29 p.m. PDT • Comments: 253

Legendary fighting game player and Twitch's new Global Ambassador, Daigo Umehara, took to his weekly Street Fighter 5 stream last night to express some of his concerns about the game and share some of his upcoming plans.

Though the stream was entirely in Japanese, as it often is, The BeasTV producer and Umehara's translator, Jiyuna, provided Twitter followers with an English recap of what was said.

According to the tweets, Daigo's main focus right now is winning Capcom Cup 2016 in December, which is surprising with the year's largest fighting game tournament, EVO, right around the corner.

Daigo feels that EVO is coming up too soon and that he's not quite ready for it.
Even more interesting is the reasoning behind Daigo's fixation on the Capcom Cup. As Jiyuna states in the tweets below, Umehara is actually unsure if Street Fighter 5 will still be played competitively next year due to wavering interest from the Japanese scene.

Without an arcade release of Street Fighter 5, it is entirely plausible to think that a scene predominantly molded by a strong arcade community is finding it difficult to maintain interest.

Jiyuna went on to provide his own perspective on the situation, explaining how significant arcades really are to players residing in Japan. "Arcades are incredibly important to Japanese scene. They're not just places you go once a week for a weekly tournament. Players go everyday," he says.

Though he realizes how important the game itself is, Jiyuna asks an interesting question: "If the Capcom Pro Tour disappeared next year, do you think Japanese players would be playing Street Fighter 5 like they do now?"

Based on what we've heard today, it's looking like a legitimate concern.

Source: Jiyuna and The BeasTV. Sent in by jleadership.
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