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Harada - If Tekken 7 does extremely well...maybe there is a time later on to revisit Tekken X Street Fighter

Posted by Tony 'grumblebundle' Moore • June 16, 2016 at 2:24 p.m. PDT • Comments: 84

Tekken x Street Fighter has pretty much been in limbo since it was announced back in 2010. Producer of the Tekken series, Katsuhiro Harada has been around to reassure us that the game has been in development since.

When he was asked about it on the E3 show floor this year, he spoke a bit more on why we've still yet to see a release.

Game Spot eventually asks Harada if he plans to revisit the idea of TxSF, to which he responds, "That's actually a very good question, because TxSF is not cancelled, it's kind of put on hold."

"Reasons are...right now SF5 just launched, Capcom is putting a tremendous effort into making that successful. On our side we released Tekken 7 in the arcade. It was even more popular than we imagined, and so we each have these two main franchises that we are trying to promote, and to have the players enjoy the moment."
Beyond making sure that their mainline titles are up to par with meeting the needs of their fanbase, developers also have to keep a good business sense in mind. Harada addresses this in his answer as well:

"So business-wise it's not a very good decision to throw in another launch. So, as you say, if Tekken 7 does extremely well, and Street Fighter 5 is in a good position, then maybe there is a time later on to revisit that conversation."

This implies that if we are going to see another hybrid between the two, it'll be a little while from now.

It's no secret that Street Fighter x Tekken wasn't the most well-recieved game in the world. On top of that, details about this title have been rather scarce over the years.

At this point, would you guys want to see Tekken x Street Fighter released? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: GameSpot. The Tekken 7 interview begins at 1:52:00.
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