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Not all Street Fighter 5 character models were designed by Capcom? Ibuki, F.A.N.G and Zangief's digital artists discuss their work

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 1, 2016 at 2:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 82

As it turns out, not every in-game character model for Street Fighter 5 was designed and executed by Capcom. At least three of the game's combatants were outsourced and designed by the French company, Volta.

This is actually not an uncommon occurrence in the realm of game design, but still fairly interesting to think about. The digital artists that created F.A.N.G, Ibuki and Zangief have recently offered tidbits of commentary on their work.

This leads us to wonder how many characters, if any at all, Capcom did themselves for SF5. In any case, you can see what these Volta artists said about their characters after the jump.

Ibuki - Marie-Michelle Pepin

"On this project I was responsible for the creation of a main character, IBUKI and her costume set (yet to be released). I was responsible for the high resolution sculpt as well as the real time game model and textures."

Pepin's Page.

Zangief - David Giraud

"At Volta we have some amazing clients, and one of our great clients is Capcom. I had the chance to make Zangief. I sculpted him in Zbrush then lo-res and textures. It was a blast working on him. Working on Street Fighter is the ultimate dream."

Giraud's Page.

F.A.N.G - Guillaume Mollé

"I was lucky enough to Work on Street fighter 5 when i was at Volta. Capcom gave me FANG to model and textured. (Zbrush, Ingame Mesh then Textures.) As a newcomer in the SF cast, it was both challenging and exciting for me to work on him. Hope you'll all have ton of fun playing with this evil mind."

Mollé's Page.

This was sent in by ImaPlayThis, who said in their submission what we're all thinking: "I wonder who did Ken?"

Source: Art Station.
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