Strongest game, player of the year, biggest moment and more; UltraDavid hands out his own personal FGC awards for 2015

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 26, 2016 at 3:47 p.m. PST

These didn't go through any kind of polling process, but who's more qualified in their familiarity with the current fighting game community to denote the best and the worst of 2015 than UltraDavid?

David is best known for his commentary, offering his voice to such events as EVO, Capcom Cup and many others. A well trusted name in the community, UltraDavid gives us his own "2015 FGC Awards," offering his opinion on the biggest games, impacts and players of the year.

As the we continue to grow, perhaps we'll end up seeing some kind of official awards ceremony for the FGC in the coming years. For the time being, David's thoughts will do just fine.

Hit the jump to see his top moments and players of 2015.

Moment of the Year

3. The Malfunction: Momochi's stick malfunction during the last game of Evo USF4 grand finals was a cattle prod to the heart of everyone watching. For Gamerbee, coming off an arduous journey through losers bracket, it was fatal.

2. 13-0: Perfect Legend set an unbeatable record by managing to lose an intended first-to-ten set by 13 to Sonic Fox. PL is my boy, but the cringe and hilarity of that set is timeless.

1. Woshige, No: Woshige's premature celebration and Ogawa's ruthless destruction of his opponent before Woshige sat back down was for me the craziest and memorable moment of 2015.

Player of the Year

3. Sonic Fox: At 17, Fox already has the widest web of domination in fighting games. He won the biggest MKX tournaments of the year in Evo and ESL and got at least 4th in every MKX major he entered. He also won every Injustice tournament, got to grand finals in all his Skullgirls tournaments, and did well in Under Night In-Birth and Dead or Alive.

2. Kazunoko: With wins at Capcom Cup and CEO, nine top 4s, one top 8, and placings just outside top 8 at Evo and Canada Cup, Kazunoko was arguably the strongest USF4 player. But he also had success in Guilty Gear Xrd, with many tournament wins outside Japan and a team victory at Arc Revo.

1. Zero: Duh! Zero won 55 tournaments in a row, then got 2nd place, and then finished out 2015 with six more wins. That volume is impressive, but what seals it is that he's doing it in Super Smash Bros Wii U with regular thousand-player tournaments. To me, his was the most dominant individual year in fighting game history.
There's plenty more to David's awards article, including his game of the year, worst happenings and best happenings. Head over to Red Bull's eSports page to see it.

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