Xian challenged Lupe Fiasco to a King of Fighters exhibition, and Lupe accepted - can the famed hip hop artist take out another fighting game legend?

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 28, 2016 at 1:06 p.m. PST

RZR|Xian is pretty good at King of Fighters.

Click image for Xian's one-handed KOF combo

So, naturally famed hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco should face off against him this year, right? Apparently, an exhibition between the two is currently in the works.

During a Twitter conversation between Lupe and Xian -- spotted by Orochinagi-- a quick comment posted by Zhi suggested that the rapper should take on the "one-handed KOF god."

And so, the fire was lit...
Xian set the parameters: Lupe to play team Fatal Fury vs. Xian's random team / only using one hand.

To which Lupe replied:

Former Community and Sponsorship Manager at Mad Catz, MarkMan, stepped in to try and officiate the exhibition. Further tweets suggest that this match up will take place in King of Fighters 14 and possibly at EVO 2016.

This hasn't been confirmed just yet, but if this awesome bout comes to fruition, we will surely update our story with the details.

Lupe Fiasco already defeated MCZ|Daigo in Street Fighter 5 this year; can the hip hop star topple another fighting game legend, or will he be sent home with battle scars?

Via Orochinagi. Photo sources:Cross Counter and Team Spooky. Sent in by KensouADV.
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