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Street Fighter 5's Ranked point system: How it works, and how it compares to Street Fighter 4's

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 24, 2016 at 7:54 p.m. PST • Comments: 105

Street Fighter 5 servers are stabilizing, and that means more and more players are diving into the ranks of the online leader boards.

I've gone and done a bit of research myself to see how this new online experience works, and how it compares to Street Fighter 4's. My findings were pretty favorable across the board.

First off, let's take a look at the top of the world leader board as it stands today. You'll note that America's PG|Filipinochamp currently holds the top spot:

SF5 Leader Boards image #1
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There's only type of ranking points this time around, and these are called League Points. (LP)

Players can level up their individual characters via Ranked play, but they can also do this in one player modes, and character levels don't seem to drop at all with losses.

League Points are what online warriors are after, as they're what directly affect your rank.

Rank Breakdown

Thus far, we've seen eleven different ranks players can attain. I believe there are higher levels than Platinum, like Grand Master, but we haven't officially seen them yet.

Platinum = 7,500 LP
Ultra Gold = 6,500-7,499 LP
Super Gold = 5,500-6,499 LP
Gold = 4,000-5,499 LP
Ultra Silver = 3,500-3,999 LP
Super Silver = 3,000-3,499 LP
Silver = 2,000-2,999 LP
Ultra Bronze = 1,500-1,999 LP
Super Bronze = 1,000-1,499 LP
Bronze = 500-999 LP
Rookie= 0-499 LP

One of the biggest complaints about Street Fighter 4's system was that higher ranked players stood to lose a ton of points for a single loss, but would only gain roughly 1-10 at a time for a win.

Street Fighter 5 developers have acknowledged this, and have taken steps to change this a bit. Having reached Gold rank, I find that I play mostly upper Silver ranks and fellow Golds. There are occasional Bronze players, but I'm still gaining about 10 points for beating them.

As a Gold player, losing to a Bronze can cost you around 100 LP, which kind of echoes SF4's system. Defeating a fellow Gold player will award you around 65 LP, making it fairly easy to make those points back up.

It seems that victories tend to award you set amounts of points, 10, 25, 65, etc., while losses seem to be the result of an equation based on the ratio of points between players.

Defeating an opponent that's in your class seems to consistently grant the same amount of points, 65. No matter how much higher your rank is, you're still guaranteed at least 10 points for a win.

This is a major upgrade as compared to getting a mere three or even one point back in SF4.

I sometimes get "failed to retrieve data" messages, indicating the point exchange did not go through. Don't be discouraged when you see this, as it seems the information does eventually get processed by the time you play through your next match.

We'll have to see how drastic the changes are once we reach the upper echelons of the ranks, but the fact that I've been fairly consistently playing with players at or around my skill is encouraging on that front.

Connections issues have been minimal for me, which is a big advance from my experiences with SF4 online. I've had great results both getting matches and playing smoothly with my connection status set to "4-5."

The biggest grief generator for online players right now has to be rage quitting. Capcom did not create any kind of punishment system for early disconnects, and so many players are quitting just after they lose so that no points are exchanged.

I actually spoke to Matt Dahlgren, Capcom's Senior Product Manager, about a week before launch, and he said they'd be taking some kind of action against these players in the future.

If you have any relevant information you'd like to add, please let us know in the comments.

Contributions to this story made by Ernesto 'CrazyEX' Raygoza.
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