Daigo worried about Ryu's future in Street Fighter 5 Season 2, considering a switch to Urien or Guile

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 23, 2016 at 1:45 p.m. PST

After the Street Fighter 5 Season 2 patch officially went live on Tuesday evening, BST|Daigo Umehara, much like all of us, jumped in to test out his main character and see how they've changed. On his most recent broadcast of TheBeasTV, Umehara shared some of his initial impressions of Ryu.

Thanks to the translation of Jiyuna, the show's producer, we were able to catch what The Beast thinks.

Right out of the gate, Daigo thinks that the updates made to Ryu are going to make him tougher to play. Before the official patch went live, Daigo had high hopes for Ryu, but after trying him out he believes playing Ryu in Season 2 will be harder than he originally expected.

In the stream chat, viewers suggested that Daigo make the switch to Akuma in Ryu's stead. Daigo, however, has his sights on two other characters: Urien and Guile.
"If it comes to it, and he can't go further with Ryu, he has other characters. He has Guile and Urien," Jiyuna said on stream. The producer goes on to say that there may be a faint sign of Daigo ultimately switching his main character.

Daigo notes that some of Ryu's Season 1 bad match ups got buffed, like Rashid and Balrog (Boxer). While they got stronger, Ryu was nerfed, so he feels that this will make things difficult on Ryu this season.

"He doesn't care if he plays a top tier character," Jiyuna translated. "He doesn't need to pick a top tier character, but he wants to have a character that can fight the top tiers. It's boring if you go to tournament and you know you're going to run into a really bad match up, it's like 'Oh, I can't win because of the match up.'"

At the end of the day, Daigo wants a character that he can do everything with.

Daigo isn't jumping ship just yet, as it was only the first day (at the time the stream was broadcast). However, he is worried about Ryu's future in Season 2.

You can check out what Daigo had to say on the matter by hitting the link below. The portion about Season 2 begins around 00:02:30 into the archive.

Source: TheBeasTV. Sent in by Johhny Ryzen.
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