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Capcom: There will still be time in the future to bring back fan favorites, explains why majority of Season 2's DLC roster is brand new

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 23, 2016 at 5:02 p.m. PST • Comments: 212

Street Fighter 5's initial roster featured eight classic characters from Street Fighter 2, four fighters from the Alpha series and then four brand new characters fresh to the franchise.

Capcom proceeded to release six characters from Street Fighters passed over the course of 2016, and as we neared the end of the game's first season, fans began speculating what fighters they would see in 2017.

With the exception of Akuma, the theme for Season 2's DLC fighters is "brand new" as the five upcoming characters will have never appeared, or at least been playable, in a Street Fighter game before.

While there's certainly potential in this move, many fans were very much hoping for traditional favorites like Sagat, Sakura and Oro to make return appearances. We asked Capcom's Matt Dahlgren about the decision to make this batch of DLC with primarily fresh fighters, here's what he had to say.
"Just like our fans, one of our favorite parts of the Street Fighter universe is its diversity and wide array of unique personalities," explained Dahlgren. "The launch roster and rest of the Season 1 cast of Street Fighter V allowed us to bring back characters we hadn’t seen in quite some time and re-imagine how they look and play to take advantage of the game’s new mechanics."

"Alongside the returning characters in Season 1, we also had some new faces join them which allowed us to explore new personalities, mechanics, playstyles and regional martial arts," he continued.

Street Fighter 3 had a roster predominantly inhabited by all new characters, and at the time, it wasn’t too well received by fans. Dahlgren's response indicated that the focus right now is to create a roster that includes a wide variety in play styles.

"The goal is to provide players with an option that fits every type of play style. Season 2 will continue down that path and we’re excited to get these new and unique characters into the hands of our players to put them to the test. Who knows, you could find your new main!" he said.

For those still holding out for more familiar faces, Dahlgren left us with a bit of hope.

"Also, we are still thinking of Street Fighter 5 for the long term. Right now, the Season 2 cast is set to further differentiate SF5 from previous iterations in the franchise. But as an ever evolving platform, there will still be time in the future to bring back fan favorite characters. As a community, we feel we are still growing strong, and plan for SF5 to have a very long lifespan," he finished.

The community seems to have a semi-open mind when it comes to these new fighters being the bulk of Season 2's DLC, but we'll see in time what these newcomers have to offer.
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