ZeRo bodies almost every player that's ever taken a set off of him in tournaments

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 17, 2016 at 9 a.m. PST

A special exhibition, during 2GGT ZeRo Saga Anniversary, showcased TSM|ZeRo playing every opponent that's ever taken a set off of him (mostly). ZeRo... went undefeated.

The image below will show you the final scores between ZeRo and all his opponents during the runback sessions.

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Players that were not in attendance that have beaten ZeRo before were RNG|Dabuz, Mr. ConCon, and Mew2King. Every other player was in attendance.

ZeRo vs. Vinnie

The first player up to bat against ZeRo was Vinnie. Vinnie made an attempt at beating ZeRo using both Sheik and Rosalina.

While Vinnie was able to take one game against ZeRo, he wasn't able to stop ZeRo from taking the whole set.

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ZeRo vs. Nairo

NRG|Nairo's words to ZeRo were "I'm the best Falcon of the ditto." Thus, the match was turned into a Falcon ditto.

ZeRo's experience in the Falcon ditto ended up being too much for Nario though. ZeRo ended the match in style with a combo into the knee.

ZeRo vs. Prince Ramen

Prince Ramen had previously beaten ZeRo using Palutena at CEO. Since then, they have not played again.

Despite this, ZeRo has been practicing the Palutena match up. This is evidenced by the fact that ZeRo went 3 - 0 against Prince Ramen.

ZeRo vs. Larry Lurr

FAD|Larry Lurr had some words for ZeRo before the game started. "Hey buddy, let's have a good game."

ZeRo seemed unconvinced that Larry was being a good sport.

ZeRo ended up taking it 3 - 0 against Larry Lurr.

ZeRo vs. Seagull Joe

Seagull Joe's words to ZeRo were "I look forward to a good match." ZeRo didn't call Seagull out like he did Larry Lurr though.

The set ended up being a good match... for ZeRo. He ended Seagull Joe's attempt with a 3 - 0 victory.

ZeRo vs. ANTI

IMT|ANTI told ZeRo that the match was only going to be for data before the match begun. ANTI apparently had his eyes on the real prize for the next day's tournament.

Hopefully ANTI managed to get the data he was seeking, as ZeRo ended up getting 3 - 0 against him.

ZeRo vs. Mr. R

In an attempt to get revenge for Nairo, Mr. R challenged ZeRo to a Falcon ditto. This time, ZeRo seemed a bit more hesitant than how he did against Nairo.

"You sure you don't want to do like Diddy [vs.] Sheik?" ZeRo asked. Mr. R responded with "We'll do that tomorrow at top 8."

Unfortunately, for Mr. R, he ended up continuing the trend of going 0 - 3 against ZeRo. ZeRo's Falcon ditto crown was still perched on his head.

ZeRo vs. Mr. E

Mr. E's words to ZeRo were "I think he plays super lame and hopefully I can expose his lame play."

ZeRo simply responded with "Thank you, I appreciate that. I pride myself in my lame play style."

Mr. E ended up being quite the match up for ZeRo. After two games, he was able to end the trend of ZeRo scoring 3 - 0 against everybody.

Sometimes, Mr. E went pretty deep for his kills.

ZeRo ended up clutching it out in the end though. The final score was 3 - 2.

Mr. E was the first player to take two games in a set against ZeRo.

ZeRo vs. Kameme

ZeRo and DNG|Kameme had only met at EVO before. Despite being a Japanese player, Kameme had some English words for ZeRo.

"I'll kill you" are words that could be quite scary from a player of Kameme's caliber. ZeRo said (with the help of his phone) in Japanese "I'm going to beat you!"

ZeRo had obviously been practicing this match up as he performed much better than his run in with Kameme at EVO. Still, Kameme was able to deny ZeRo the 3 - 0 victory over him.

True to his words, ZeRo was able to beat Kameme with a 3 - 1 victory.

ZeRo vs. Day

Day had been talking smack against ZeRo throughout all his sets with the other players. This was a pretty anticipated match up due to the rivalry, as a result.

Day did not hold anything back when it came time for him to say something to ZeRo. First, he ignored ZeRo and directed his attention towards the Twitch viewers.

Even calling out the players that did not attend the event that had previously taken a set off of ZeRo.

Then, Day said to ZeRo "You got all the skill, but you got no heart. That's why you play Diddy."

ZeRo, unfazed, said "Alright, Naruto."

As if to send a message to Day, ZeRo decided to use Cloud for the whole set instead of Diddy Kong.

During the second game, both players were on their final stock. ZeRo had managed to deal 147% damage to Day while his damage counter was at 0%.

Being that Day was playing as Lucario, this was actually a huge problem for ZeRo. All it took was a few hits for Day to take the second match.

ZeRo ended this grudge match against Day with a 3 - 1 victory.

ZeRo vs. Salem

ZeRo was matched up against Salem this time. The best Bayonetta player in the world, currently.

Salem revealed that he was training just for his match against ZeRo.

ZeRo said to Salem "I always thought you were broken at Smash so I won't even be mad if I lose to you..."

It seems ZeRo was not as confident about this match up like he was the others.

It was revealed by one of the commentators that Salem had no intention of approaching ZeRo. Both players were very defensive against one another throughout the set, as a result.

Whenever Salem did get a clean hit though, he capitalized.

After a very long set where almost every match felt like it was going to time out, ZeRo ended up clutching out the victory in the end.

It's worth noting that only Salem and Mr. E were able to take two games off of ZeRo during this runback exhibition.

ZeRo vs. Ally

With Salem out, there was nobody left. Nobody left to take ZeRo down...

But then, at the last minute...

Ally finally arrived. It seems that Salem was able to buy just enough time for Ally to be ZeRo's final opponent.

At this point, both players were extremely tired. ZeRo was tired from all the games he just played in a row, and Ally was tired from his long flight to get there.

Ally didn't have time for a warm up. They just went straight into it.

Unfortunately, for Ally, it seems fatigue may have been hitting him harder than it was ZeRo.

ZeRo was able to take out Ally 3 - 0, despite Ally's grand entrance.

It is no wonder that ZeRo is considered to be the undisputed best player of Smash 4 right now. He essentially just went through most of the game's other best players all in a row.

Will anybody be able to stop him at the actual tournament though?

There is a curse where the player that the 2GG tournament is named after doesn't win the tournament. Will ZeRo be able to break the curse?

If ZeRo plays out of his mind like he did in this exhibition, chances are pretty good.

Source: 2GGaming Twitch channel. ZeRo's Twitter

Photo Source: Stephanie Lindgren.
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