Here are the matches of Capcom Cup 2016 that had a changed outcome because it was 3/5 instead of 2/3

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The Capcom Cup 2016 tournament was a very interesting tournament filled with many upsets. One of the things that made the tournament so interesting was that every set was a 3/5 instead of a 2/3.

How many matches did this end up affecting? In other words, how many players lost a set against another player after reaching two wins within the set before their opponent?

I won't be counting sets that were within the top 8 since those sets are typically 3/5 anyways. What we'll be looking at are matches that had a changed outcome as a result of the set being 3/5 where it normally would've been a 2/3 set.

HumanBomb vs. Infiltration

Infiltration was the number one seed of the tournament. Many expected him to take it easily over HumanBomb.

Infiltration actually would've taken it if it were a 2/3 set instead of 3/5. Infiltration ended up reaching the 2 win point at 2-1 against HumanBomb.

Unfortunately for Infiltration, HumanBomb ended up winning the next two consecutive games and took the entire set 3-2. It ended up being quite the upset.

Luffy vs. Mago

Mago looked like he had this match pretty much in the bag. He was able to make the set 2-0 in his favor.

Incredibly though, Luffy ended up winning the next 3 matches and turned the entire set in his favor.

K-Brad vs. Daigo

K-Brad was an addition to the tournament due to another player dropping out. Despite facing up against Daigo the first round, K-Brad seemed pretty excited.

When the match started, Daigo showed a very dominating performance against K-Brad. It looked like Daigo was in complete control of the set when he took a 2-0 lead against K-Brad.

Things started to shift in K-Brad's favor, however. K-Brad was able to, amazingly, win the next three games against Daigo.

K-Brad ended up winning the set 3-2. This was a match up I think most people were expecting Daigo to win.

Massive props to K-Brad for winning this set.

XSK Samurai vs. Chris Tatarian

XSK Samurai and Chris Tatarian were both able to score wins off one another during their set. By the time Chris had 2 wins over Samurai, the score was 2-1 in Chris's favor.

Despite the initial lead, XSK Samurai was able to win the next two games and take the whole set. The set ended at 3-2 in XSK Samurai's favor.

GamerBee vs. Julio Fuentes

Julio Fuentes ended up being a tough fight for GamerBee. Julio was able to take an initial lead over GamerBee at 2-1.

GameBee didn't get discourage though since he was able to finish off the set with a score of 3-2.

Filipinochamp vs. Justin Wong

Justin Wong and Filipinochamp were both in the losers bracket at this point. Despite being the number 3 seed, Justin Wong was in danger of going home early without a single set won.

He clearly wasn't ready to lose at the tournament as he was quickly able to score a 2-0 lead over Filipinochamp. It looked like he was going to move onto the next round.

Filipinochamp clearly didn't want to lose quite yet either. He ended up winning the next three consecutive games against Justin Wong.

Xiao Hai vs. Momochi

Momochi ended up being a tough opponent for Xiao Hai. If this was a 2/3 set, Momochi would've taken it 2-1.

Unfortunately for Momochi, this was a 3/5 set. Xiao Hai was about to take the set instead with a 3-2 lead over Momochi.

Ricki Ortiz vs. Yukadon

Yukadon was very quickly able to score a 2-0 lead on Ricki Ortiz. This would've been a quick win for Yukadon if this was a 2/3 set.

Ricki Ortiz was able to turn the whole set around with a 3-2 victory. It was quite the comeback.

Fuudo vs. Mago

The set between Fuudo and Mago ended up being a pretty back-and-forth one. While Mago was able to obtain a lead against Fuudo by the time he had two wins, it was only 2-1 in his favor.

Fuudo kept his composure in order to take the next two games. This ended the set 3-2 in Fuudo's favor.

Phenom vs. HumanBomb

Despite the 3/5 sets giving HumanBomb an advantage over Infiltration previously in the tournament, it would not give him the advantage against Phenom.

HumanBomb was able to secure a lead against Phenom initially with a score of 2-1. This lead ended up not lasting though.

HumanBomb wasn't able to prevent Phenom from winning the next two consecutive games. Phenom took the set 3-2.

Ricki Ortiz vs. Go1

Ricki Ortiz already took a 3/5 set after being behind 0-2 against Yukadon. Against Go1, she'd be able to pull out a similar victory.

Go1 was only able to secure a 2-1 lead against Ricki, but it was a lead nonetheless. The outcome of this set would've been different if it was a 2/3 set.

Ricki Ortiz was able to eventually win the 3/5 set with a score of 3-2. While it wasn't quite as impressive as winning three consecutive games against Yukadon, it was still pretty noteworthy.

Phenom vs. Filipinochamp

Phenom and Filipinochamp were both players that have already won 3/5 sets within the tournament before technically losing the 2/3 set. This time, Filipinochamp would lose in a similar fashion to Phenom.

Filipinochamp showed a dominating performance against Phenom initially. Filipinochamp was able to win two games to Phenom's zero.

Phenom didn't let nerves get to him though. He ended up making quite the comeback against Filipinochamp.

Despite being behind initially, Phenom was able to take three consecutive games over Filipinochamp.

Fuudo vs. Xiao Hai

Another match between two players that would've lost earlier if it was 2/3, but ended up taking the 3/5 set anyhow.

This set wasn't one sided, as Xiao Hai was only able to take a 2-1 lead over Fuudo. It's probably not a surprise at this point that Fuudo was able to win the next two games before Xiao Hai could win one more.

Fuudo won the set with a three wins and two losses against Xiao Hai.

Yukadon vs. Luffy

Luffy is a player that previously benefited from the 3/5 rules. Meanwhile, Yukadon is a player that would've won his previous match if it were 2/3 instead.

In this specific match up, both players would have a role reversal.

While Yukadon was able to win the very first match of the set, Luffy won the next two matches. The score was 2-1 in Luffy's favor.

Yukadon, however, was able to take the next two consecutive games and win the whole set.

Go1 vs. Phenom

For the last match where the whole tournament being 3/5 had a major impact, it's Go1 vs. Phenom. Phenom was the player with the initial lead this time at 2-1.

Phenom was able to stop Go1 from taking the next two games, so the initial lead unfortunately didn't lead to anything for Phenom in the long run.
This tournament would've had hugely different results if it were 2/3 outside of top 8. Capcom Cup being 3/5 created many exciting moments though.

What do you think about how much was changed because the whole tournament was 3/5? Which do you personally prefer, 2/3 or 3/5?

Let us know in the comments below.
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