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Julio joins team Echo Fox; Perfect Legend now sponspored by eLevate

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • April 29, 2016 at 1:16 p.m. PDT • Comments: 17

ESports organization Echo Fox has just made their transition into the world of fighting games. Founded by former NBA champion Rick Fox, the team has just recruited their first Street Fighter 5 player.

Julio Fuentes -- more commonly referred to as "Julio" -- has officially joined Echo Fox. The Ken player has a number of 1st place wins at the NorCal weekly Churning the Butter on his fighting game resume, and most recently took home the gold at Texas Showdown 2016.

"Adding Julio Fuentes to Echo Fox shows our commitment to fielding the best eSports teams on the planet," the official statement reads. "We want gamers to know that if you excel in eSports, Echo Fox will have a place for you. This is an awesome day for continued growth of our team."
Julio isn't the only player to recently sign with an eSports organization, though. Carl "Perfect Legend" White of Mortal Kombat fame is now a member of the eLevate team.

Carl's accomplishments are no secret, having won several EVO championships in Mortal Kombat and making a name for himself with his devastating Kung Lao play.

In regards to his new sponsorship, Perfect Legend had this to say: “I’m incredibly thankful the eLevate family is showing me such respect through sponsorship and support. I love what I do and will continually work my hardest to win championships for eLevate and to represent the organization in everything I do.”

Congratulations to both players. We hope to see both guys continue to make their mark in the tournament scene.

Source: Echo Fox and eLevate. Photo credit: KaraFace.
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