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'Guile is the first true defensive character [in SF5]; he's going to change the landscape' - Combofiend says Bison players shouldn't be afraid

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • April 26, 2016 at 8:57 a.m. PDT • Comments: 86

Yahoo eSports recently got some hands-on time with Street Fighter 5's upcoming DLC fighter, Guile. In this interview, associate producer Peter "Combofiend" Rosas shared some interesting information about the next world warrior.

"Guile is the first true defensive character [in Street Fighter 5]," Combofiend explains. "I feel he is definitely going to change the landscape because he's going to make people play a little bit slower."

Back in Street Fighter 4, the Guile vs. M. Bison match up was heavily in the former's favor. When asked if current Bison mains should be afraid of the match up this time around, Rosas had this to say.

"No, not at all," Peter starts. "Bison has tools to counter Sonic Boom now. He has V-Skill (Psycho Reflect), and he also has his Diablo Dash so he can go through it. This is a different Bison for a different Guile."

You can check out the full interview below.
Source: Yahoo eSports. Sent in by David_I.
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