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Nemo: Ryu is the strongest character in Street Fighter 5, because of one over-powered move

Posted by Cheng Kai 'KarbyP' Sim • April 24, 2016 at 8:19 a.m. PDT • Comments: 89

Now that the dust from Street Fighter 5's launch window has settled, and we're days away from welcoming the second DLC character into the game's roster, several top players in the Japanese FGC have felt that it is no longer premature to discuss character tiers for Capcom's latest.

One such player is Naoki "Nemo" Nemoto, and in a brief chat with renowned Guilty Gear player Koichi on Goziline -- a gaming blog started by former Arcadia magazine writer Taiga Asaba -- Nemo shares his thoughts on Street Fighter 5's top five and bottom three characters.

The way this worked was that Koichi first came up with a character tier diagram after discussing it with Asaba and another Goziline writer. Thinking that it probably did not very accurately reflect high-level player, Koichi decided to seek Nemo's opinion for further amendments.
Nemo: (After seeing the diagram) ...What's with this tier diagram? (Laughs)

Nemo's Street Fighter 5 tier listings image #1

Koichi (also known as Nakajima): Think of it as a scrub tier list. By the way, what do you make of the character tiers?

Nemo: Ryu is the strongest character in the game, don't you think so? After Ryu, I'd say that it would be Nash and Chun-Li.

Koichi: Personally I've been thinking that Chun-Li is the strongest character in the game, but Ryu is really difficult to deal with, that's true.

Nemo: Ryu's light Hadouken is way too strong. After those three characters... Ken is really good too.

Koichi: It seems like Ken and Vega have gotten quite "dangerous" recently.

Nemo: And because she's good at dealing with Shotos, I consider Karin to be a high-tier character too.

Koichi: What about Cammy, is she strong?

Nemo: No, she's not that good. By the way, I think that the bottom three characters in this game are Zangief, Alex and F.A.N.G.
With Nemo's input in mind, Koichi has revised his tier diagram. It now looks like this:

Nemo's Street Fighter 5 tier listings image #2

Do you agree with Nemo and Koichi's evaluations? According to you, fellow EventHubbers, Ryu is a mid-tier character at best.

Does Japan know something about Ryu's light Hadouken that we don't?

Source: Goziline. Picture of Nemo from Famitsu.
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